Yike and His Imperfect Timing for Praise: The Jaw-Dropping Performance of the Peruvian Jungler in the LEC

Yike and His Imperfect Timing for Praise: The Jaw-Dropping Performance of the Peruvian Jungler in the LEC

25. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

It’s often a well-known fact that one of the peaks of attention someone or something receives is when they first appear. The novelty always sells easily at first sight, but most of the time, that large mass of observations doesn’t come when a better version of the subject appears.

This is something that Martin “Yike” Sundelin, a player for G2 Esports, has recently experienced, as he has missed out on the amount of praise and attention previously showered upon him.

A Notable Leap in Performance

Embarking on his second year in the LEC, Yike has claimed his fourth championship title in the competition. The jungler for G2 Esports has showcased a level of skill that has delighted the samurai family.

These are the same individuals who questioned the Swedish-Peruvian player when G2 considered signing a more seasoned star like Javier “Elyoya” Prades. Yike’s performance in this winter LEC split has been nothing short of commendable, yet one factor has somewhat overshadowed his achievements.


The Impact of Timing on Praise

As mentioned earlier, Yike’s success in 2023 garnered significant attention. The debutant jungler, accompanied by the team’s stellar results, easily mitigated the departure of G2’s icon, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowsky.

As the newcomer in a G2 roster filled with star players, Yike received more attention than necessary. The Swedish-Peruvian player was the new face in that quintet of samurais, and with a little more success, Yike clinched the Rookie of the Year award in LEC 2023.

In 2023, G2 performed exceptionally well, clinching three out of four domestic titles and making appearances in international tournaments. Partly due to this success and the team’s overall performance, Yike received abundant praise and affection.

Although the rookie jungler did not face many expectations, he was applauded perhaps more than he deserved, given the team’s overall success. Few of these applauders took into account the extra effort put in by Rasmus “Caps” Winther to compensate for Yike’s learning curve.

The Fallout of Excessive Praise

Excess praise rarely poses a problem. However, when the meritocratic compensation for these extras is absent, it becomes an issue. The Yike of 2023 received praise that may have been partly undeserved or excessive. This injustice was not significant until today, where an improved and brilliant Yike awaits recognition on a grand scale.

In the LEC, thanks to the mediocrity of the average player, young talent is often congratulated for meeting the minimum requirements. However, those who strive for more and show improvement are seldom praised. The effort is so foreign to the scene that many are unable to recognize and appreciate it.

The Yike of 2024 is a brilliant mechanical player who performs at the highest level when G2 unleashes his potential. However, he suffers from the injustice of no longer being exposed as “the new kid on the block,” and many fail to notice his hard work.

G2’s Bet on Yike Pays Off

If there is a group of people who did notice Yike’s growth, they are at G2 Esports. The tragedy of Worlds 2023, where G2’s performance was lackluster, did not lead the club to seek scapegoats. Thankfully, it did not change their belief that Yike was the right choice.

Continuing with the same roster, G2 bet that the growth curve would continue, and it did. Today, we have a Yike who allows Caps to showcase his MVP-level performance, as seen in this winter split.

Additionally, G2’s reading that Yike excels with mechanically demanding champions has been validated. An example of this success is the Viego in the Winter Finals. Even the Lillia in the next map in the same match, which concluded with a Pentakill.

Yike vs MAD


To the disappointment of the narrative, Yike has received little recognition for his leap in performance. It may not be something that keeps him up at night, but it certainly bothers me.

Perhaps we could recycle the praise from 2023 and give it to this Yike, who undoubtedly deserves it more. Or maybe we could finally normalize the notion that one of the outcomes of hard work should also be recognition from critics.

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