Yay to Miss VALORANT One Pro Invitational Due to Health Issues

Yay to Miss VALORANT One Pro Invitational Due to Health Issues

3. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a recent development, Bleed Esports announced that Yay, a key player who joined the team on Sept. 29, will be unable to participate in the upcoming VALORANT One Pro Invitational.

Health Concerns Sideline Yay

  • Statement: Bleed Esports released a statement on Dec. 1, revealing Yay’s absence from the tournament due to unforeseen health-related issues.
  • Player’s Gratitude: Yay expressed his appreciation for the support and requested understanding during this difficult period.



  • Background: LEGIJA, the team’s head coach and a former CS:GO player, will take Yay’s place in the competition.
  • Coaching to Competing: Since joining as a coach in January 2022, it will be intriguing to see LEGIJA’s transition back to a player role in VALORANT.

Yay’s Journey with Bleed Esports

  • Significant Career Move: Yay’s joining Bleed Esports was a major career shift, moving from North America to compete in Asia and participating in the VCT Pacific league.
  • Missed Opportunity: This tournament would have been his first offline event with Bleed Esports, a chance to showcase his skills with the new team.

The VALORANT One Pro Invitational Overview

  • Location and Date: The tournament is set to commence in Yokohama, Japan, starting Dec. 2.
  • Format: Featuring four teams from Eastern regions, the competition includes a single round-robin group phase, where each team plays against the others once.
  • Victory Conditions: The team with the best overall score will claim the tournament victory.

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Bleed Esports’ Challenge

  • Opponents: Bleed Esports will face Detonation FocusMe, Natus Vincere, and Zeta Division.
  • Opening Match: Their first game is against Na’Vi on Dec. 2 at 2am CT.

Hard Absence

While Yay’s absence is a setback for Bleed Esports, the team looks forward to adapting to the situation with LEGIJA stepping in. The VALORANT One Pro Invitational promises intense competition, with teams vying for dominance in this prestigious event.