Yassuo is Kick’s new signee

Yassuo is Kick’s new signee

11. July 2023 by miranda angeles

There is no doubt that Kick is working on getting the best content creators for its platform. This fact has been demonstrated with the signing of League of Legends star streamer Yassuo.

Yassuo, the LoL star, is Kick’s new signing

Kick seems to have a clear goal: to have the best Twitch streamers on its platform, and it seems to be signing some stars.

The new star that will start streaming on Kick is Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, one of the content creators of the esports organization 100 Thieves. Thanks to the agreement signed between the streamer and Kick, Yassuo started on the new platform yesterday.

Kick has likely offered Yassuo a contract with some terms and conditions similar to those of xQc’s contract and chess master “Hikaru Nakamura.” So it is likely that Yassuo’s contract is not exclusive to the platform. We refer to this contract detail because yesterday, Yassuo broadcasted on Twitch before making his big debut on Kick. It is important to note that Yassuo has a large audience on Twitch, which may take some time to move to the new Kick platform.

Yassuo’s streams

Yassuo has built a great name among League of Legends content creators thanks to his excellent work on streams. This streamer joined the 100 Thieves content creator team in August 2019, and since then, he hasn’t stopped growing.

According to the same LoL content creator’s information, his Kick broadcasts will be a little more varied. According to Yassuo, Kick will also broadcast his Tinder dates on Kick.

Kick is fighting to position itself among the best streaming platforms

Undoubtedly, Kick is struggling to position itself among the best streaming platforms. So it has invested money in different streamers to attract more users. According to the New York Times, the platform has signed a contract with xQc for $100 million, the largest contract in the history of streamers.

Now, at the moment, the details of the amount of compensation New Yassuo has received for the contract signed with Kick are unknown. Recently many of Yassuo’s fans tried to persuade the content creator to reveal the amount of money he has received. However, Yassuo has not answered those questions.

At the moment, it is unpredictable whether Kick will be as successful as Twitch, but thanks to the significant contracts it is offering to streamers, many content creators want to be part of Kick. In addition, another factor that makes Kick very attractive to many streamers is its profit-sharing percentages. Remember that it is 95% for the streamers and 5% for the platform. With these percentages, it outperforms its rivals.