Xtreme Gaming’s Troll Move against Team Falcons in Elite League Grand Final

Xtreme Gaming’s Troll Move against Team Falcons in Elite League Grand Final

17. April 2024 by Never

In a stunning turn of events, Xtreme Gaming (XG) dealt a decisive blow to the previously undefeated Team Falcons during the Elite League finals on April 14, adding spice to the competition by cheekily all-chatting “?” after their victory.

This move came just two days after Team Falcons had sent XG to the lower bracket and taunted them with a “gg ez,” intensifying the rivalry between the two teams.

The Showdown

After nearly two weeks of intense matches, the Elite League, the premier Dota 2 online event of the year, culminated in a thrilling grand final showdown on April 14. XG secured their spot in the finals by defeating Azure Ray with a convincing 2-0 score in the lower bracket finals, setting the stage for a rematch against Team Falcons, who had previously bested them 2-0.

Epic Showdown

The grand finals were a rollercoaster of excitement, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and strategy.

While Team Falcons initially seemed poised for victory after securing an early advantage in game one, XG staged a remarkable comeback in games two and three. They strategically countered Team Falcons’ signature heroes, ultimately seizing the match point with a 2-1 victory.

The Troll Move

In a tense game four, XG capitalized on Team Falcons’ mistakes and secured a decisive victory with a score of 3-1. As the dust settled and “gg” was called by Team Falcons, XG paused the game and playfully spammed “?” and “ez” in the all chat, adding a touch of cheeky banter to their triumph.

tipmeee ez

Unraveling the Banter

The origins of this playful taunting can be traced back to the upper bracket semifinals on April 12, where Team Falcons had previously defeated XG and taunted them with remarks like “‘tip me clowns” and “gg ez.” Additionally, Marl1ne’s “?” in a crucial moment of game four may have further fueled XG’s playful retaliation.

tipeme clows

A History of Banter

This isn’t the first time Team Falcons has found themselves on the receiving end of banter. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, such as during the Arlington Major in 2022, where OG’s defeat by Team Aster led to playful jabs exchanged between the teams.

XG’s Playful Banter Elevates Dota 2 Rivalry with Team Falcons

XG’s playful trolling of Team Falcons adds an extra layer of excitement to the competitive Dota 2 scene, showcasing the camaraderie and competitive spirit within the community. As the rivalry between the two teams continues to evolve, fans can expect more thrilling showdowns and playful banter in the future.