The Game Awards Controversy: The Coach Who does Not Want to be Nominated

The Game Awards Controversy: The Coach Who does Not Want to be Nominated

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Remy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam, the coach of Team Vitality, has sparked a discussion in the esports community following his nomination for Best Coach at The Game Awards 2023. Despite the prestige, XTQZZZ has publicly expressed his desire to be removed from the category, citing a compelling reason.

The Reason Behind XTQZZZ’s Refusal

On Twitter, XTQZZZ explained why he feels inappropriate to be considered for the award this year. His argument? He wasn’t actively coaching for a significant portion of 2023. This fact makes his nomination not only surprising but also, in his view, undeserving.

XTQZZZ’s 2023 Timeline

  • Coached G2 Esports from February to November 2022.
  • Took a hiatus until September 2023.
  • Briefly joined TSM for two months.
  • Transitioned to Team Vitality later in the year.

Given this timeline, XTQZZZ believes there are other coaches who contributed more consistently throughout the year and are more deserving of the nomination.

The Larger Issue at The Game Awards


XTQZZZ’s situation highlights a broader issue within The Game Awards’ nomination process, particularly in the esports categories. The inclusion of XTQZZZ, despite his limited coaching role in 2023, raises questions about the criteria and decision-making process of the nominating committee.

Fair Play

XTQZZZ’s stance against his nomination at The Game Awards 2023 sheds light on the importance of accurate and fair recognition in esports. It’s a call for more thorough vetting processes in award nominations, ensuring that those who truly make a significant impact in the industry are celebrated.