xQc suddenly better to understand through AI

xQc suddenly better to understand through AI

25. July 2023 by Andrew Williams

The streamer xQc is often hard to understand, if at all, yet he has millions of fans. With an AI, however, he suddenly became much more understandable, which brought him lots of new followers.

xQc is the online pseudonym of Félix Lengyel, a Canadian streamer and content creator. Born on November 12, 1995 in Laval, Quebec, xQc became famous for his exceptional gaming talent and captivating personality. He first became known as a professional Overwatch player, representing the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League. However, it was his transition to content creation and live streaming that made him a global star and generated him much more attention.

AI makes xQc better to understand

The decision to move from professional gaming to full-time streaming was a major turning point in xQc’s career. Despite being known for talking so fast that he can’t be understood at times, he has managed to captivate his audience and entertain viewers around the world. He recently signed a contract with Kick, which paid the streamer $100 million to move from Twitch to the green platform.

xQc speaks extremely fast and often not well understandable because he almost mumbles. This made it extremely difficult for the viewers to understand him and follow his monologues. xQc knows this himself, he admitted it in a stream, but still he couldn’t seem to change it.

However, it looks like there is now a solution for viewers who can’t follow the stream, namely an AI version of xQc that is much easier to understand.

Thousands of viewers watch AI stream

In the stream, which has over eight thousand followers, the AI has a fully functional webcam and can even respond to chat messages. In a clip that went viral on Twitter, the AI was shown playing “Only Up,” and viewers noticed that the AI’s language was much easier to understand and xQc could translate into normal English. At first, many people wondered why they could suddenly understand him better, until they realized that the AI made him easier to understand.

While some were excited to finally understand him, others felt that the AI was stealing xQc’s character and unique selling point. xQc has already admitted that he sometimes has trouble understanding himself when he rewatches himself on streams later, but maybe the AI can help a little in the future.