xQc moves from Twitch to Kick for $100 million

xQc moves from Twitch to Kick for $100 million

17. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

Mega streamer Félix “xQc ” Lengyel has had enough of Twitch and is joining Kick in a $100 million, two-year deal. The deal is non-exclusive, so xQc can still stream elsewhere, but his homebase will be Kick from now on.

xQc has decided to move to Twitch’s main competitor Kick and the community is shocked. With this major streamer change, it seems to be the beginning of the end for Twitch. First reported by the NYTimes, Kick and xQc have since officially confirmed the rumours. While the change is a big shock, it’s basically been a long time coming, especially considering how much tension there is on Twitch right now. The platform is making up more and more rules and the streamers are earning less and less – so it’s no wonder that many are leaving.

Is Twitch going under?

xQc will not only stream on Kick, but will make it his main platform. You will also see him streaming on Youtube and TikTok, and probably still on Twitch.

Kick has made a massive catch with xQc – while Kick is still a dwarf compared to Twitch, the platform seems promising and is growing exponentially every month. Kick is benefiting massively from Twitch’s poor leadership and more and more content creators are migrating. Twitch has already found itself in one controversy after another in recent weeks and has been heavily criticised for it. The latest policy changes didn’t sit well with many streamers because Twitch wanted to limit external sponsorships. Also, Twitch has a 50/50 cut for its streamers, which is the lowest distribution of the streaming platforms, as Youtube offers 70-30 and Kick even 95-5 (Kick may even want to pay its streamers extra per hour, apparently around $16).

xQc will make Kick its new home

XQc is migrating just a day after Twitch announced its Partner Plus programme, which is supposed to offer a 70-30 split, but only if you meet lots of rules. After 100,000 dollars in revenue, the deal ends and Twitch takes 50% again. That did not go down well at all.

So xQc will stream on Kick for the next two years. The deal is worth 70 million to start with, but that could rise to 100 million. Normally only Hollywood stars or top professional players get such deals. With this, xQc has just made history, as it is one of the most blatant deals in the entertainment industry – of all time. Several people in the streaming and esports community have spoken out about it. Mizkif kept it short and simple and said what I’m sure some people were thinking: “Twitch is done”.