xQc live streams The Dark Knight on Kick

xQc live streams The Dark Knight on Kick

21. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Content creator xQc after signing a $100 million deal with Kick, has started a live stream where it was doing the rebroadcast of The Dark Knight.

Difficult start for xQc on Kick

Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s debut on his new streaming platform Kick has gotten off to a rocky start. The French-Canadian streamer made a rebroadcast where all his followers could watch Christopher Nolan’s film, The Dark Knight. xQc with the rebroadcast of the film risks being sued under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act “DMCA.”

This xQc retransmission occurred just days after the streamer signed the $100 million deal with Kick. So a member of Kick’s staff has sent a warning message to xQc to stop the retransmission of the film.

Retransmission of The Dark Knight by xQc

According to xQc, in his live stream, he was doing a reaction to the movie, and by rebroadcasting it, all his followers could see it. However, according to stream viewers, xQc only watched the movie with his fans. Only a few times the streamer made some comments, so xQc only streamed The Dark Knight to more than 50,000 people.

Kick staff intervene in xQc’s stream

Shortly after xQc started streaming The Dark Knight, a Kick staff member sent a public message to the streamer; the platform’s staff recommended he stop streaming the movie.

The message sent to xQc read as follows: “We would like to notify you that the retransmission of the specific content is against our DMCA policy. Accordingly, we respectfully ask that you stop live streaming and inform people that we must remove the current VOD with this video.”

Shortly after the streamer realized Kick’s warning message made sense, the guy stopped the rebroadcast.

xQc has removed Kick’s VOD

After xQc’s stream ended, all videos and VOD were removed from Kick. This fact is reasonable, remembering that the streamer infringed on the film’s copyright in the rebroadcast.

Although many of xQc’s followers were upset after the broadcast interruption and wanted to continue watching the movie, it is important to note that no platform is exempt from DMCA restrictions. Also, let’s remember that in the past, the streamer received several bans on Twitch for similar issues.

So, although The Dark Knight movie is excellent, xQc has realized that after its million-dollar deal with Kick, it is not worth a DMCA strike and a possible ban. So he followed Kick’s staff’s advice and avoided a problem.