xQc denies abuse allegations against him

xQc denies abuse allegations against him

15. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The famous streamer xQc has recently been involved in a controversy where he is accused of abuse. However, xQc has refuted all allegations of abuse against him.

Abuse allegations against xQc

Over the past week, xQc, the popular Kick and Twitch streamer, has been embroiled in a fierce controversy. Although xQc and Adept, another Twitch streamer, first fell out months ago, specifically in March 2023, the argument has flared up again in xQc’s latest streams, Adept, but now joins the discussion FRAN. However, in xQc’s latest statements, he has vehemently refuted all the allegations of abuse that have been leveled against him.

On the other hand, xQc has acknowledged that he was dating FRAN, a famous Overwatch streamer. Furthermore, xQc acknowledges that when he and FRAN were dating, he was immersed in a court dispute “over an alleged factual union.”

On the other hand, on August 13, in a rebroadcast, FRAN acknowledged that he was dating xQc. However, the girl confirms that the relationship has already ended and reveals the reason for the separation. The streamer comments that she and xQc have separated because he cheated on her.

At the same time, FRAN defends xQc from all the accusations Adept has tried to make him believe. In the same rebroadcast, the girl strongly refuted the accusations that xQc is violent. However, FRAN comments that she felt threatened by Adept during a ride in the car at some point. FRAN comments that during that car ride, Adept tried to convince her that Felix is an abuser when he is not an abuser.

xQc denies abuse allegations against him

After FRAN’s broadcast ended, xQc used his own Twitch channel to go live and confirm that FRAN was telling the truth about cheating. Furthermore, xQc commented that his actions were wrong, stating he was a fool.

During the same stream, xQc has also refuted all accusations of abuse towards FRAN or Adept. The streamer claims he has never been an aggressor, and I have never physically abused his friends or girlfriends. Then xQc comments that he is not violent, so you will never see any of that.

On the other hand, the streamer criticized the viewers who made fun of the incident. Furthermore, he affirms he will not tolerate offhand comments about the abuse allegations.

After all the comments made in the stream xQc published on his Twitter account, he reaffirms that all the rumors circulating are false. In the same publication, the streamer accepts responsibility for his wrongdoings but reaffirms that he has not physically abused anyone.