xQc debuts on the Netflix platform

xQc debuts on the Netflix platform

28. July 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that xQc is debuting on the Netflix platform. However, it won’t be as fans of the content creator would expect. It’s safe to say that xQc won’t get an Oscar for its appearance on Netflix.

xQc debuts on the Netflix platform

It may be a surprise to learn that streamer xQc will be making its feature film debut on Netflix. However, it is not a movie about his life or a movie where we can see the starring role of the streamer.

Yesterday, July 27, Netflix released the trailer for a new documentary called Depp v. Heard. This documentary addresses the famous legal dispute Amber Heard and Johnny Depp faced in 2022. The trailer features a montage of numerous content creators commenting on the entire trial between the actors. Also, the trailer shows how the outside media covered the legal battle and its implications.

Now, xQc appears as one of the content creators who offered their reaction to the different twists and turns that took place in the trial. For his part, xQc has made a rebroadcast to show his fans that the content creator appears just under a minute into the trailer. In addition, xQc has reacted with his typical line of excitement, “I made it.”

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial coverage by xQc

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial was very media-heavy; content creators commented on daily events, and fans were delighted to listen to them. For his part, xQc, talked to his followers about this controversial case every time new evidence came out. The edited rebroadcasts were the xQc videos with the most views on YouTube about this case. In some of these videos, xQc managed to get over 700K.

XQc has created a playlist of all the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case content on its YouTube channel. Included in that playlist are 23 videos of varying lengths. However, due to edits to their broadcasts, xQc does not cover all of the content of the case. Nonetheless, xQc was and still is one of the most popular streamers in the world, which is why Netflix has decided to include him in the announcement of their upcoming movie. Although Asmongold, one of the many other Twitch streamers who covered the event, does not appear in the trailer, the full documentary may include them.

Considering the perspective taken in the film, the public’s perception of the case is just as important as the actual events seen at the trial. At the time, the internet discussed the evidence presented daily in the case. In general, many content creators engaged with the case to follow it so that their fans would have all the information from beginning to end.

If you were one of the people who followed this controversial trial closely through content creators on the internet, Netflix’s new movie might interest you. This movie premieres on August 16, and all xQc fans will be able to watch it make its Netflix debut.