XDefiant Starts Strong: Breaks Records 72 Hours After Launch

XDefiant Starts Strong: Breaks Records 72 Hours After Launch

24. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s latest shooter, has made a remarkable entrance into the gaming world, breaking multiple records within just 72 hours of its release.

Record-Breaking Launch

XDefiant Deploy Spiderbot

Community Challenge Shattered

One of the early indicators of XDefiant’s success is the impressive response to the community challenge issued by Ubisoft Connect. Players were tasked with dealing a collective 25 million points of weapon damage.

Remarkably, this milestone was not just met but overwhelmingly surpassed within hours. Ubisoft shared a screenshot on the XDefiant Twitter account showing the community had achieved over 3.3 billion points of weapon damage, which is approximately 132 times the target.

By 3pm CT on May 23, this figure had more than doubled, reaching an astonishing 8.3 billion points and continuing to rise.

XD Phantom vs Cleaner

Viewer Engagement on Twitch

The game’s popularity is also evident on streaming platforms. At the time of writing, XDefiant holds the seventh position for most concurrent viewers on Twitch. This places it ahead of renowned titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, and even its main competitor, Call of Duty.

High-profile Call of Duty players and content creators such as Scump, Octane, and TeePee have significantly contributed to these impressive numbers. Additionally, the drops/rewards system has further fueled viewer engagement.

Rapid Growth in Player Base

In terms of player base, XDefiant has set a new benchmark for Ubisoft. According to Insider Gaming, the game reached one million unique players in less than three hours after its launch, making it the fastest-growing Ubisoft title to date.

xdef maps and modes 02 linear mode

Positive Early Signs

Considering the lengthy development period of XDefiant and the competitive landscape dominated by established titles like Call of Duty, the game’s initial performance is highly encouraging. The overwhelming player response and high engagement metrics suggest a promising future for Ubisoft’s new shooter.

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XDefiant has made an impressive debut, breaking multiple records within 72 hours of its launch. The game’s overwhelming success in community challenges, high Twitch viewership, and rapid player base growth highlight a promising start for Ubisoft’s latest shooter.