Revisiting the Nostalgia: The Legion Class Halls in WoW

Revisiting the Nostalgia: The Legion Class Halls in WoW

17. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the dynamic realm of World of Warcraft (WoW), the introduction and subsequent removal of features have been a norm. Some fade away, leaving players unperturbed, while others become sorely missed, coveted for their reintroduction. One such standout feature from the Legion era remains etched in the players’ memory – the Legion Class Halls.

The Undying Appeal of Class Halls

Introduced during the Legion expansion, Class Halls were much more than just a hub. They were sanctuaries, adorned with rich lore and intricate fantasy details that made Azeroth feel truly immersive. For the avid player, these huts served as unique headquarters for each class, amplifying the game’s thematic depth.

Many might argue about the worthiness of various WoW features over its iterations, but the unanimous acclaim of Class Halls is evident. On platforms like Reddit, players like Adept_Blackhand continuously express their desire for a Class Hall revival. As Adept_Blackhand put it, the feature laid a stellar foundation for varied content – from artifacts to class-specific quests.

A Journey into Class Halls

hall of the guardian

For those who didn’t get the chance to experience the Legion era, here’s a brief dive into what Class Halls brought to the table.

Upon initiation, players were graced with an engaging quest that led them to their respective Class Halls. Within these sanctums, they were free to embark on class-tailored quests, recruit companions, and unlock several other captivating features. But what made these places truly special was their exclusivity. If you bore the title of a Mage, the hallowed halls of Rogues and Hunters were barred to you. This selectiveness amplified the sense of class identity and camaraderie.

The Community’s Plea for Reintroduction

Despite the introduction of similar features like the covenants in Shadowlands, the WoW community’s call for the return of Class Halls remains loud and clear. The covenants, despite their potential, came with a slew of issues that hindered the enjoyment for many.

Yearning voices from the player base have consistently expressed a hope for Blizzard to breathe new life into this feature. Mage Tower’s successful revival stands testament to the potential success of such reintroductions.

A Glimmer of Hope in Future Expansions?


While the developers at Blizzard have yet to hint at the return of Class Halls, the ever-evolving nature of WoW and its expansions leaves room for hope. The player base remains optimistic, envisioning a future where these cherished hubs make a triumphant return, possibly enhanced with modern upgrades and features.

The new Departure of the Classic

World of Warcraft’s rich history is built upon its innovative features and the community’s passionate feedback. The longing for Class Halls is a testament to the game’s ability to create lasting impressions. As players, the hope is for developers to heed their call, merging past glories with future innovations, and further cementing WoW’s legacy in the world of MMORPGs.