WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5: The Community’s Take on the Next City to be Reclaimed

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5: The Community’s Take on the Next City to be Reclaimed

6. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 is set to introduce an exciting new questline focused on the reclamation of Gilneas, offering players a chance to restore the Worgen’s home city, Gilneas City.

This development marks a significant update, as Gilneas has been a ruin since the Cataclysm expansion in 2010, featuring a fierce conflict between the native Worgen and the invading Undead.

The Community’s Voice: What’s Next After Gilneas?

The WoW community is abuzz with speculation about which city could be next in line for a restoration. A popular topic on the WoW subreddit has seen a consensus forming around Gnomeregan, the gnome capital. Like Gilneas, Gnomeregan has been in chaos since Cataclysm, leading to its people abandoning it post a toxic radiation outbreak.



Mechagon: A New Gnomish Hub?

Despite the call for Gnomeregan’s restoration, some players remain skeptical. The creation of Mechagon in Battle for Azeroth’s Patch 8.2, which houses the Mechagnomes and prominent gnomish lore characters, has led to doubts about Gnomeregan’s future.

Other Cities in the Limelight

Players are also eyeing other iconic locations like Aerie Peak, the Ruins of Alterac, and Lordaeron for potential reclamation. Each of these holds significant importance for different races and subraces within WoW’s rich lore.

Gilneas and Beyond

For now, Blizzard’s focus remains on Gilneas, but there’s more on the horizon. The introduction of a new Night Elf city, Bel’ameth, is also in the works. This city, aligning with the Emerald Dream zone layout, is expected to emerge in the material plane following pivotal events in Patch 10.2.

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The Future of WoW: Dragonflight and Beyond

Patch 10.2.5 is slated to be one of the final updates for the Dragonflight expansion. With the upcoming release of WoW’s next expansion, The War Within, the community anticipates continued revitalization of ‘old world’ zones, keeping the game dynamic and ever-evolving.

Recomendaciones Finales

As WoW players eagerly anticipate the future developments in the game, staying updated with Blizzard’s plans for these nostalgic locations is crucial. Whether it’s Gnomeregan or another beloved city, each update enriches the WoW universe, keeping the legacy alive for both veteran players and newcomers alike.