Blizzard Announces Overhaul of End-Game Content in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Blizzard Announces Overhaul of End-Game Content in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

2. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery progresses, Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled plans for significant changes to the end-game content. In a recent Blue Post on Feb. 27, Blizzard outlined two major updates set to enhance the gameplay experience in later phases of the season.

Transition to 20-Player Raid Size:

  • Phase Three Update: The upcoming phase three will introduce a pivotal shift in raid dynamics, increasing the raid size from the traditional 10-player format to 20-player groups.
  • Molten Core Adjustments: Notably, the iconic Molten Core raid, previously accommodating 40 players, will undergo a reduction to a 20-player capacity. While other level 60 raids may follow suit, Blizzard has yet to confirm these alterations.

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Item Reworks and Difficulty Adjustments:

  • Item Overhaul: Blizzard plans extensive reworks for items obtained from raids and dungeons, alongside the introduction of new items tailored to enrich the end-game experience.
  • Raid Difficulty Tweaks: Rather than conventional difficulty adjustments, raids like Zul’Gurub will see enhanced challenges coupled with improved rewards, promising a more engaging gameplay loop for seasoned players.

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Future Reveals and Anticipated Features:

  • Upcoming Information: While Blizzard has provided insights into the impending changes, further details regarding level 60 end-game content adjustments will be unveiled closer to the subsequent phase.
  • Continued Development: Blizzard assures players of ongoing development efforts to refine and diversify the end-game landscape, signaling a commitment to revitalizing the WoW Classic experience.


With Blizzard’s pledge to implement substantial alterations to end-game content, World of Warcraft Classic players can anticipate a refreshing gameplay experience in the Season of Discovery. As the development team continues to refine and innovate, the future of WoW Classic beckons with exciting possibilities and renewed adventures.

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