WoW Classic Season of Discovery: Top PvP Classes Tier List

WoW Classic Season of Discovery: Top PvP Classes Tier List

15. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery has reshaped the PvP landscape with its unique level cap system. Currently, with a 25-level cap, certain classes have gained a significant edge in PvP due to their available spells, runes, and gear.

This article ranks the best PvP classes in the Season of Discovery, considering not just raw damage but also utility like healing, buffs, and crowd control.

The Top PvP Classes in WoW Classic

5. Paladin

Classic WoW Stranglethrorn Vale Paladin

  • Role: Healing and Utility
  • Strengths: Excellent healers with a variety of utility spells, including fear immunity and crowd control.
  • Playstyle: More focused on support with healing and protection spells, making them valuable in battlegrounds.

4. Priest

WoW SoD Priest casting Heal

  • Role: Healing/DPS
  • Strengths: Unmatched healing capabilities, essential for any battleground team.
  • Weaknesses: Shadow Priests lack in DPS due to the absence of Shadow form and limited DoT spells at level 25.

3. Mage

World Of Warcraft Classic Mage 1

  • Role: DPS
  • Strengths: High damage output with Frost and Fire specs. Frost Mages excel in crowd control and movement speed reduction.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to being locked down due to low health.

2. Hunter

Season of Discovery Hunter Runes

  • Role: DPS/Control
  • Strengths: High DPS with fast attacks, pet damage, and excellent crowd control abilities.
  • Weaknesses: Prone to mana depletion, making them vulnerable after extensive spellcasting.

1. Warlock

Warlock Metamorphosis WoW Classic Season of Discovery

  • Role: DPS/Tank
  • Strengths: Unmatched versatility with pet damage, burst spells, DoT options, and self-sustain abilities.
  • Special Mention: Tank Warlocks add another dimension to the battlefield with significant resistance to crowd control.

Future Outlook

As the Season of Discovery progresses and new phases introduce additional abilities and runes, these rankings may change. Currently, classes excelling in pet damage, burst, and DoT spells are at the top. Melee classes like Warriors and Rogues, while lower in the tier now, are expected to rise as the game evolves.

Top PvP Classes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

For players looking to excel in PvP during the WoW Classic Season of Discovery, choosing a class that aligns with the current meta is crucial.

However, keep an eye on game updates and phase changes, as they can significantly alter class rankings. Warlocks are currently the frontrunners, but the dynamic nature of WoW Classic means no class stays dominant forever.