Would Amouranth leave Twitch for Kick?

Would Amouranth leave Twitch for Kick?

1. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For weeks now, the new streaming platform Kick has been on the lips of many content creators. Many factors have soured streamers’ relationship with Twitch, from policies to the 50/50 split of content creators’ earnings with the platform.

With Kick’s better payment system, it becomes a very attractive option for any content creator. So more than one streamer has already thought about switching platforms.

The streamer Trainwreck, the creator of the new platform, announced a few days ago that six of the most prominent Twitch streamers would start their career on Kick. But that’s not all; well-known streamer Adin Ross has encouraged some content creators to switch.

Among the names that have drawn attention are Asmongold, Dr. Disrespect, and Kai Cenat. Now many people, whether one of Twitch’s most famous female streamers Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, would jump and join Kick.

Would Amouranth leave Twitch for Kick?

Many people are wondering if their favorite streamers will make the platform switch. In an interview conducted by EssentiallySports with Amouranth, they discussed the streamer’s career and whether she plans to switch from Twitch to Kick.

In the interview, Amouranth clarified that she could make the switch for a lot of money. However, she also commented that it would never be a Kick-exclusive stream. In the case of taking this step, all his broadcasts would be compatible with Twitch, which is her streaming platform. For the moment, Amouranth will not go to Kick but leaves the door open to the possibility.

On the other hand, Kick is currently a place of uncertainty in which no one knows what might happen with the platform. While some streamers, such as Rubius, insist that profit sharing makes it unsustainable, others, such as xQc, claim that switching to Kick is right.

However, money is not the only important thing about the new platform; it is also necessary to consider that the transmission restrictions and guidelines are excessively permissive, and even pornography has been retransmitted without sanction.

If we consider all this, we are talking about a serious problem for the platform’s reputation, which is one of the reasons why Amouranth is reluctant to change its platform.

However, in the interview, she made it clear that the possibility of switching to Kick is not closed because you never know what might happen in the future. Although, at the moment, no one knows what can happen between Twitch and Kick, many streamers are afraid to start their career on the new platform and that the purple platform will try to ban them for any reason.