Worlds 2023: Team Whales and PSG Stand Strong in the Winner Bracket

Worlds 2023: Team Whales and PSG Stand Strong in the Winner Bracket

12. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Overview of the Play-In Qualification

In the thrilling stage of the League of Legends Worlds Championship held in South Korea, the initial Play-In stage already has its winners. Team Whales and PSG Talon not only showcased their dominance on the field but also secured their spot in Round 2. Let’s delve into their journey in this prelude to the main event.

Understanding the Play-In format

For those not entirely familiar with the Play-In mechanics, it’s essential to grasp that Round 1 is based on a double-elimination group series. From these matchups, four triumphant teams will move to the next stage. This selection is made through two best-of-five series: 1st Group A vs. 2nd Group B and 1st Group B vs. 2nd Group A. Luckily, we already have the teams that topped each segment.

PSG Talon Shines

PSG Talon, with its all-Taiwanese lineup featuring Azhi, Junjla, Maple, Wako, and Woody, faced off against LOUD. The latter, representing Brazil, fielded a mix of local and international talent: Robo, Tinowns, Ceos, Croc, and Route. Despite fierce competition, PSG Talon emerged as the undeniable victor of Group A.


Team Whales’ Dominance

In Group B, Team Whales, made up of Sparda, Bean J, Glory, Artemis, and Bie, showcased its superiority over Flying Oyster. It’s worth noting that the members of this opposing team are Rest, Gemini, JimieN, Shunn, and ShiauC. With a well-executed strategy, Team Whales clinched its pass to the next phase.


What the Future Holds at Worlds 2023

Both titans, Team Whales, and PSG Talon, have already booked their spots in the Play-In’s Round 2. Now, with anticipation, they’ll await their next opponents. Meanwhile, we can’t overlook the thrilling Elimination and Decider Matches set to take place as per the following schedule:

  • Friday, 13/10:
    • Rainbow7 vs. GAM – 04:00 (Argentina time) – Group A.
    • DetonatioN vs. Team BDS – 07:00 – Group B.
  • Saturday, 14/10:
    • LOUD vs. Winner of R7/GAM – 04:00.
    • Flying Oyster vs. Winner of DFM/BDS – 07:00.


The Final Phases are Approaching!

League of Legends esports fans should stay tuned for the upcoming matches. Surprises may still unfold, and new champions might rise. Ensure you don’t miss any detail of these exhilarating bouts.