Swiss Format in Worlds 2023: Riot Games Considers Retaining the Successful Structure

Swiss Format in Worlds 2023: Riot Games Considers Retaining the Successful Structure

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

As Worlds 2023 draws to a climactic close with the final showdown between T1 and Weibo Gaming, Riot Games has expressed satisfaction with the tournament’s new format. Jeremy Lee, the executive producer of League of Legends, discussed potential plans for the future during a press conference on Nov. 15.

The Success of the Swiss Format

The introduction of the Swiss stage, which replaced the traditional group stage, has been a resounding success. Borrowed from esports like Counter-Strike, this format has brought a refreshing change to the World Championship, which was becoming monotonous for some fans.

Fans’ Approval of the New Format

Worlds23 WBG MAD

League of Legends enthusiasts have praised the Swiss format for revitalizing the World Championship. Its dynamic structure has made the tournament more exciting and less predictable.

Potential Adjustments for Future Tournaments

While Riot Games is generally happy with the Swiss format’s implementation, they hinted at possible minor tweaks for next year. These adjustments aim to refine the format further, but no major overhauls are expected.

Record-Breaking Viewership

One notable impact of the new format is its contribution to breaking viewership records. The semifinal match between T1 and JDG on Nov. 12 attracted a peak of over four million viewers, surpassing the viewership of the Worlds 2021 final.

Looking Ahead: Worlds 2024 and Beyond

As Riot Games considers the future of the World Championship, the focus will likely remain on enhancing the viewer experience and maintaining the excitement that the Swiss format has introduced.

The Positive Response From the Audience

The success of the Swiss format at Worlds 2023 sets a promising precedent for future tournaments. With minor adjustments and continued fan engagement, Riot Games is poised to keep the momentum going, potentially leading to more record-breaking events in the coming years.