Worlds 2023: The definitive clash in the Play-In, LOUD or GAM Esports?

Worlds 2023: The definitive clash in the Play-In, LOUD or GAM Esports?

13. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

LOUD: The Brazilian Powerhouse

LOUD, recognized as one of Brazil’s giants, comes to the match-up with GAM Esports backed by their history of victories. This team has been crowned champion twice in their region. Their first significant achievement was the CBLOL Split 2 of 2021, equivalent to the summer split in LJL. Recently, in this year’s CBLOL Split Season 2, they repeated the feat. Their international presence isn’t new, having participated in the 2022 League of Legends World Championships and making a debut in the MSI 2023.

LOUD Line-up:

  • Robo
  • Croc
  • TinOwns
  • Route
  • Ceos

Despite the theoretical parity on paper, LOUD demonstrated superiority in their recent clash against GAM Esports, achieving a decisive victory.

GAM Esports: The Titan of Vietnam

gam 1

On the other hand, GAM Esports boasts an impressive history in Vietnam. With 5 regional split titles and multiple top 2 positions, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their performance in VCS Dawn 2023 was exceptional, and their passage to Worlds 2023 was due to a win in the VCS Dusk 2023, defeating Team Whales 3-1.

GAM Esports Line-up:

  • Kiaya
  • Levi
  • Kati
  • Sty1e
  • Zin

Despite their commendable journey, GAM Esports suffered a loss to LOUD in their Worlds 2023 debut. Nonetheless, they showed their worth by decisively beating Rainbow7 in the previous round.


A charged, emotional, and technical face-off between these two titans is expected. LOUD has already shown to be superior in a direct confrontation with GAM Esports, which tilts the odds in their favor. However, League of Legends eSports is no stranger to surprises, and GAM might have strategies up their sleeve.

Conclusion: Based on recent performance and previous confrontations, all signs point to LOUD taking the victory. You can bet for Loud in the 22Bet official site! However, the passion and skill both teams bring to the battlefield promise to offer a memorable spectacle.