Worlds 2023: Day 7 Predictions and Betting Insights

Worlds 2023: Day 7 Predictions and Betting Insights

26. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Worlds 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling esports events of the year. With the dawn of the seventh day, stakes are high, teams are restless, and fans are eager to witness the battles that will determine which teams get to advance and which bid their farewell. Let’s dive into the two high-tension matchups scheduled for the day.

DKPlus vs Gam Esports: A One-Sided Affair?


DKPlus is positioned as the clear frontrunner for this clash. Despite a rocky start to the tournament marked by several game mistakes, their prowess is unquestionably superior to their Vietnamese adversaries, Gam Esports. GAM’s spirits are buoyed by their unexpected victory against Team BDS, which prolonged their participation. Yet, the gulf in quality between the Chinese powerhouse and their Vietnamese counterparts, especially in individual skill and macro strategy, is evident.

Key Takeaway: Betting on DKPlus is the logical choice. Anticipating a BO3 victory in roughly 20 minutes should be a safe bet.

KT Rolster vs LNG Gaming: An Evenly Matched Duel


In another electrifying showdown, we have KT Rolster taking on LNG Esports. This contest promises sparks as it features two almost indistinguishable teams, both hailing from strong competitive regions. Analyzing LNG Esports’ recent form reveals that betting houses slightly favor them, with winning odds hovering around 1.5.

Considering both teams’ playstyle and consistent performance throughout the year, combined with their success at Worlds 2023, it’s likely we’re in for a close series. While a 2-1 victory for LNG seems probable, the safer bet might be on a total card count exceeding 2.5.

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For League of Legends esports enthusiasts and bettors alike, today’s matchups at Worlds 2023 offer a mix of predictability and suspense. While the DKPlus vs GAM Esports game seems more predictable, the duel between KT Rolster and LNG Esports is anyone’s game. Betting wisely and responsibly is always the way to go.