The Ultimate Guide to Worlds 2023 Day 2: Insights, Matchups, and Betting Predictions

The Ultimate Guide to Worlds 2023 Day 2: Insights, Matchups, and Betting Predictions

19. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The League of Legends esports community witnessed thrilling matches on the first day of Worlds 2023. Those who missed the live action can catch up with the replays available on the official LoL Esports website.

What’s Coming Up: Swiss Format Round 2 Matchups

Below are the scheduled matchups for the Round 2 of the Swiss system:

  • G2 vs. Weibo at 02:00hs Argentina time
  • JD Gaming vs. Bilibili at 03:00hs
  • Cloud9 vs. LNG at 04:00hs
  • Gen.G vs. T1 at 05:00hs
  • NRG vs. Liquid at 06:00hs
  • KT Rolster vs. DPlus at 07:00hs
  • MAD Lions vs. Team BDS at 08:00hs
  • Fnatic vs. GAM Esports at 09:00hs

Match Spotlight: Gen.G vs. T1

geng vs t1

Arguably the highlight of the day is the bout between Gen.G and T1. These South Korean juggernauts are set to lock horns once again, reminding fans of their epic clash in the LCK finals where Gen.G emerged as champions.

Why watch this match? It promises top-tier gameplay with Gen.G entering as the favorites, having previously dominated against GAM. T1, however, had a strenuous win against Team Liquid, requiring all the prowess of Gumayusi. The betting odds lean towards a Gen.G victory. If you’re looking to place a bet, Gen.G might be your safest bet.

Cloud9’s Challenge: LNG vs C9

lng vs c9

The predictions for the LNG vs C9 match largely favor the Chinese powerhouse, LNG. Both teams clinched victories on the first day, but the prowess of the Chinese circuit is indisputably higher. With superior individual and team plays, LNG stands as the probable winner, making it a solid bet.

Fnatic’s Expected Triumph: FNT vs GAM

fntic vs gam

The FNT vs GAM match seems to have a clear favorite. Most of the time, betting against GAM might appear as the logical choice. Yet, the Vietnamese team’s performance this season has been nothing short of surprising. Regardless, they now face the titans from each region. As a representative of the LEC, Fnatic is heavily favored to clinch this matchup. For those looking to bet, Fnatic might be the most secure option.

Do your Bet!

All these electrifying matchups can be viewed live on Riot Games’ official Twitch and YouTube channels. You can bet for your favourite team in the 22Bet oficial site! Don’t miss out on the action and stay updated with our insights for the best betting choices.