Will Kick pay its streamers an hourly rate?

Will Kick pay its streamers an hourly rate?

25. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Twitch versus Kick is going to the next round, as Kick wants to offer its streamers even more goodies. The Kick Creator program promises to pay streamers hourly and pay out the money in a variety of ways, including crypto. Trainwreck talked about the Creator program earlier this year, but now it seems he’s actually going through with it.

Kick wants to introduce several innovations

Twitch rival platform Kick is looking to poach even more content creators from Twitch. According to co-founder Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, “streamer-friendly” revenue sharing is just one of the many positive innovations the platform plans to introduce. The announced Kick Creator Program will offer hourly pay to all streamers, regardless of how many viewers they have. A platform that pays their streamers an hourly wage has not been invented yet, but it makes sense.

After all, all that matters is the work itself (kind of), meaning the hours streamers spend on Kick. To bolster that, Kick will have a Sub-button and of course an advertisement program that allows creators to trigger an ad through which they get money, according to Trainwreck.

Kick was under fire last week for allegedly inflating their viewernumbers but Trainwrecks described all the ways streamers can earn money on the platform: “You get paid for advertising when it’s available, you get 95% of your subscriber revenue, 100% of on-site donations from non-third party advertisers, and you get the Creator program.”

The following will be taken into account:

  • Streaming hours on Kick
  • The average number of viewers one has.
  • Where the viewers come from, their age and how engaged they are.
  • A fixed flatrate which depends on the CPMs of the Kick ads

Cryptos and Kick

The creator program “will have a manual approval process” to check for invalid accounts. On top of normal payouts there’s always an option to get paid in crypto or via Stripe. The latter just needs a little more time to pay out, while crypto payout will be on the same day.

While some people are excited to cash out in crypto, other people find Kick’s penchant for cryptocurrencies questionable. This has led to plenty of rumors and speculation. Eddie Craven, the owner of Stake.com, a website many streamers on Kick use to gamble with crypto, is an investor. Kick confirmed that Craven “has an ownership stake in Kick,” but that his site Stake.com has not invested yet. Craven’s involvement, loose regulations regarding gambling, and the crypto connection have caused suspicion among many streamers. Well-known hot-tub streamer Amouranth, when asked in an interview if she would try Kick, said that she would try it for a certain amount, however, she would not go exclusive because it would be too risky for her.