Celebrate Wild Rift’s Third Anniversary in the Total Power Gallery!

Celebrate Wild Rift’s Third Anniversary in the Total Power Gallery!

8. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Having been on the market for three years, League of Legends: Wild Rift has earned its spot among the favorites of the gaming community. Always at the forefront, Riot Games offers its followers the chance to be a central part of the celebrations with the Total Power Gallery.

Join in and Share Your Memories

Riot Games’ releases are known for their grand celebrations and events, and this time, Wild Rift is no exception. Beyond the usual festivities, Riot wants to deeply involve the community. The Total Power Gallery is that unique space where players can capture their memories, share their top plays, and showcase their content related to the game.

Hecarim and More Surprises

The introduction of Hecarim to the game has already thrilled players. However, the third-anniversary celebration promises even more surprises. The developer has provided this special space for users to share everything from fan art and cosplays to incredible play videos and more.

From Second to Third Anniversary: An Evolution

The second anniversary was highlighted by the auction of community-created works. This year, Riot decides to go further, expanding the space for fan creations. It’s not just a display of talent but also a chance to interact with other players and discover what Riot has prepared.


Exclusive Rewards Await You

Participating in the Gallery is not just about sharing and enjoying content; there are also incentives. Riot Games has announced rewards for those actively involved in the Gallery, whether uploading content or interacting with other’s works. At the end of the event, a secret reward for the most engaged participants will be unveiled.

How to Join the Total Power Gallery?

Participation is easy. Simply visit the official site(rel=”nofollow”), fill out the submission form with an image or link, and accept the legal notice. Remember to log in with your Riot account to ensure your content is registered.

Be Part of the Celebration!

This third anniversary of Wild Rift is an unmissable opportunity for the community. It’s not just about celebrating a game, but the passion, talent, and dedication of millions of players worldwide. Don’t wait any longer and be part of the celebration in the Total Power Gallery!