New Champions Arriving in League of Legends Wild Rift Update 5.2

New Champions Arriving in League of Legends Wild Rift Update 5.2

27. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends: Wild Rift is about to receive a major update with version 5.2, introducing three new champions to Riot Games’ mobile title.

This update brings significant changes to the gameplay, including new objectives and the Hextech bonus, but the most exciting additions are the new champions joining the Rift. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming champions in Wild Rift 5.2.

Major Gameplay Changes with Update 5.2

The 5.2 update for Wild Rift will not only revolutionize the game objectives with the introduction of Hextech elements but also add three new champions that players have eagerly awaited. Riot Games has provided a detailed development preview, highlighting these additions.

New Champions Coming to Wild Rift 5.2


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The Ice Witch, Lissandra, is the first champion to be introduced in this update. With her arrival, players can expect her to bring her crowd control prowess to the mid-lane battles in the Rift. Her kit, including her ultimate, Frozen Tomb, will remain faithful to her PC counterpart, making her a formidable force in team fights.


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Next up is Mordekaiser, a champion that has been highly requested by the community. Known as the Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser will dominate the Baron lane with his powerful kit, especially in one-on-one duels. His ultimate, Realm of Death, will allow him to isolate and conquer his enemies, making him a terror in solo confrontations.


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Rounding out the new additions is Milio, a relatively new champion in the League of Legends universe. Known as the Gentle Flame, Milio will bring his healing abilities, damage bonuses, and crowd control capabilities to Wild Rift. His supportive playstyle will make him a valuable addition to any team, capable of turning the tide of battle with his unique skill set.


The 5.2 update for League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to bring exciting changes and additions to the game. With the introduction of Lissandra, Mordekaiser, and Milio, players can look forward to new strategies and gameplay dynamics in the Rift. Make sure to explore these new champions and see how they can enhance your gameplay experience.

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