Wild Rift 5.1 Update: Viego, Kalista, and Maokai Set to Join the Fray

Wild Rift 5.1 Update: Viego, Kalista, and Maokai Set to Join the Fray

1. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Prepare for the Ruination to sweep across the Wild Rift as League of Legends introduces Viego, Kalista, and Maokai from the Shadow Isles in the highly anticipated 5.1 update.

Embracing the Darkness

League of Legends: Wild Rift continues to surprise and delight players with fresh content, expanding its roster of champions in the upcoming update. The Shadow Isles exerts its influence over the mobile MOBA as Viego, Kalista, and Maokai make their grand entrance in version 5.1.

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Expanding the Lore

With each update, Wild Rift brings more champions from the PC version of the game, with a focus on different regions of Runeterra. Executive producer David Xu announced plans to delve deeper into the vast lore of Wild Rift, beginning with the Shadow Isles following the changes made earlier this year.

Champions of Darkness

In a sneak peek at the upcoming 5.1 update, the design team unveiled the first champions set to debut in the Shadow Isles-themed update. Kalista will kick off the festivities in Act 1, accompanied by an event delving into her origins.

Viego takes center stage in Act 2, followed by Maokai, who concludes the update with his own event exploring his role as the protector of the region. The events of each act will intertwine, providing players with a cohesive narrative experience.

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Gameplay Changes and Events

The arrival of the Ruination will not only introduce new champions but also shake up the gameplay with unique item mechanics. Items will now be categorized as Radiant and Umbral, offering new strategic possibilities for players. Additionally, players can look forward to a PvE game mode featuring Kalista and her mission before the fall of the Blessed Isles.

Release Date

League of Legends: Wild Rift version 5.1 is scheduled to launch on April 10th, bringing a host of exciting new content and gameplay changes to the mobile gaming experience.

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Get ready to explore the dark and mysterious world of the Shadow Isles as Wild Rift introduces Viego, Kalista, and Maokai in the upcoming 5.1 update. With new champions, events, and gameplay changes on the horizon, players can look forward to an immersive and thrilling experience in the mobile MOBA.

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