Why did xQc ghost the Valorant Team turtle troops?

Why did xQc ghost the Valorant Team turtle troops?

6. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

VALORANT players from the Turtle Troops claim that streamer xQc has ghosted the team, even though he originally wanted to sign them. Now both the team and the streamer himself have spoken out and given some insight into the situation. Peter “Governor” No, a player from Turtle Troops, explained in a stream with Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik how his VALORANT Challengers team came to fail.

The VALORANT team was supposed to have been signed by well-known streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel, but after the initial talks everything went south and a contract signing never happened.

xQc ghosted Turtle Troop

Turtle Troop was still not signed. For a long time there was a huge hype about the North American team, because streamer xQc wanted to sign the VALORANT team.
Turtle Troop player Governor was asked about this in a recent stream. Governor said that xQc wanted to sign the team for a month and was in contact with them – before suddenly backing out without explanation, leaving the team out in the cold.

“We already had the terms signed and everything, but then he backed out at the last second and just ghosted us,” he said. After that, there were reports that the deal between Turtle Troops and xQc had fallen through. The reports already stated that the streamer was not present during the process, which led to a lot of frustration.

xQc explains situation

Meanwhile, xQc has come forward and explained his side. On Twitch, he admitted that he had ghosted the team and apologized for the lousy communication on his part. “I let my managers and my team work with them, and they came to certain numbers. But I told them, ‘Before anything is set in stone, I want you to come back to me and give me another clear warning where I sign off, and things are final.’ That somehow never happened.”

Apparently there were financial obstacles as well, but xQc didn’t give any details on that but only said, “Something happened… around the expenses,” adding, “It just happened a lot, and I was kind of blindsided, and I was embarrassed, and I understand that I definitely should have communicated more during that time.”

Different visions

xQc and the team also apparently had different visions of the future. The streamer wanted to buy two well-known VALORANT players and add them to the lineup at Turtle Troops to create a “super team.” The Turtle Troops didn’t like that at all, because they wanted to stay together in their constellation. Over time, communication stalled and broke down altogether.

xQc realized his mistake and could understand that the players were pissed because they felt misled. Apparently, the streamer paid the players $25,000 in compensation as a result. “I felt so bad and ashamed for the sh*** I did to them that I agreed to pay them a month’s salary or half a month’s salary for the time they spent waiting,” xQc explained. Apparently, both sides are now also halfway okay with each other again, especially probably due to xQc’s admission of guilt and his compensation for the players.