Who will be the next “King” of Call of Duty?

Who will be the next “King” of Call of Duty?

12. August 2023 by miranda angeles

It seems that Scump has been removed from his position as “King” of Call of Duty; therefore, professional Warzone and CDL players will be fighting to be crowned as the King of CoD.

Who will be the next “King” of Call of Duty?

Call of Duty fans will be in for some really fun and decisive matches in a very short time. Professional Warzone players from the Call of Duty League and some Warzone content creators will face off in a series of tournaments. The winner of these tournaments will win the title of King of CoD, no less.

King of CoD Tournament Details

CDL’s official Twitter account has announced every detail of the King of CoD tournament. According to the information, the King’s tournament will be divided into five phases.

The tournament will start on August 16 with an event where a prize pool of $20,000 will be at stake. It is important to note that each of the first four phases of the tournament will have $20,000 at stake. While in the last phase and the grand final, the prize pool is $70,000 and will be held on September 1.

Undoubtedly, the player or content creator crowned King will win this important title and take home a share of the large prize pool. All players participating in the tournament will be fighting for $150,000.

At the moment, the only details revealed by the tournament organizers are the prizes that will be distributed and the date the tournament will take place. However, no information about the players participating in the King’s tournament is known. Nevertheless, this tournament will quell the heated debate over who is the current King of Warzone.

Excellent reception by the community

The news of this new tournament has been very well received by the Warzone community, even though the format of the events is unknown. Undoubtedly, the tournament organizers have come at the ideal time to fill a gap between the CDL off-season and the World Series of Warzone Global Finals.

For his part, Shotzzy, one of the stars of the OpTic Texas team, has expressed his opinion. He says that this is content that both players and fans are missing. On the other hand, Shotzzy has indicated that he would love to participate in the tournament.

If you do not want to miss any details of the King’s Tournament, you should be aware of CoD’s social networks. Remember that the matches start on August 16.