Who is the player with the most hours played in CS:GO?

Who is the player with the most hours played in CS:GO?

28. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game with many fans who enjoy playing it. Everyone familiar with the game has already logged many hours on Steam.

It can be said that the amount of hours played is directly related to how much users like to play the game. Although some players invest many hours to Valve’s title, one player already holds the record for the most hours.

A Steam user has recently become very famous as he is the player who has played the most hours of CS:GO.

Who is the player with the most hours played in CS:GO?

The player with the most hours played in CS:GO is BØse. According to his Steam profile, you can see that the player to date has played 75,152 hours. BØse seems to have a full-time relationship with the game, and his stats corroborate this.

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One way to know that BØse is a player who has invested a large amount of time in CS:GO is if we compare him to some professional players. For example, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Patrik “F0rest” Lindberg have approximately 25,000 hours of game time, having competed professionally for over ten years.

If we want to compare with more recent players, we can use Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov as an example; the CS:GO star has admitted to having invested around 18,000 hours in the game after seven years as a professional player.

It is important to note that professional players have a full-time relationship with CS:GO, as they depend on the game to make a living. Professional players usually spend at least 10 hours a day playing and competing in CS:GO. However, if we compare BØse’s stats, the pro players look like rookies.

BØse has played CS:GO for more than 75,000 hours

If we transform BØse’s 75,000+ hours played into years, we can see that he has invested approximately eight years and six months in the game. Many players may love this video game, but a person can’t spend 24 hours playing every day for eight years.

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The patterns suggest that BØse is a very experienced user who has played CS:GO for a long time. However, he now totals his hours using a different method. Apparently, this player may have opted to break the record without actually playing. Most of his time must be spent with the game running in the background, possibly without him in front of the computer.

Still, we are sure that BØse has played and continues to play CS:GO. The player has a good invention, something no one would have if he didn’t play. Undoubtedly, more than 75,000 hours in the game is a great record. But so many people wonder, does BØse get bored of playing CS:GO? Apparently not, as he adds about 10 hours to his record daily.