Which game do you love most?

Which game do you love most?

14. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

Each of us has that one game that we love more than any other. Gaming is a very passionate hobby. Our favorite games provide us with many hours of experiences that we remember years later. We experience adventures in fantastic worlds, on foreign planets or in other eras.

We slip into the roles of adventurers, knights, space marines, octopuses, cats, the undead and countless other characters. It’s not for nothing that people joke that gamers don’t have one life, but many.

Beastcoast dota2 valentines day title

But above all, we all have that one game that really does it for us. The game that we couldn’t get enough of. Maybe you got completely lost in the story and the game world, so that you didn’t want to stop. Or maybe you had unforgettable adventures with your friends that made the game so special.

Gaming is special

Which game is the first that comes to your mind when you hear this description? Since there are so many games out there, it’s sometimes hard to say which one is the favorite. How did you find out about your favorite game?

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Pic: Gaming takes us into different worlds

Was it by chance or were you eagerly awaiting its release? What was the special spark that got you excited about the game? Or maybe you have more than one? Let’s pine together over our favorite games. Often our favorite game isn’t even the first one we’ve ever played. Especially for people who got into gaming in the days of Pong and Space Invaders.

Valentine’s Day – Love for games

On Valentine’s Day we want to celebrate this love for our games aswell as our loved ones. But it’s a nice chance to think about how glad we can be to have entertainment like this. Gaming is social and challenging at the same time, it’s timeless and creative; it’s sport for some and entertainment for others. So many things combined in one hobby, it’s great! Do you love DOTA2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? VALORANT or League of Legends? It doesn’t matter, in the end we are all gamers!


Some of us have even found their significant other while playing online games, or met each other at a gaming event. Esports and Computer games connect people world wide, we all follow the same organisations, like G2 Esports, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Cloud9, T1 Esports, PSG.LGD or any of the other big teams out there. It’s simply amazing to see how far we have come and we are hyped for the future!

So let’s celebrate the love for gaming today, on the day of love!