When Does CoD: Mobile Season 3 Arrive? Everything You Need to Know

When Does CoD: Mobile Season 3 Arrive? Everything You Need to Know

7. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

After years, the mobile FPS returns to a detective-themed setting with a hint of Noir in its third period of 2024.

Season Transition

CoD: Mobile’s Season 2 bids farewell to its Dragon-themed setting to make way for Season 3. This latest season marks the return to a detective-themed ambiance, reminiscent of Season 8 in 2022 but with touches of Noir cinema.


Image via Call of Duty

Release Date and Update

According to the official blog and the set date for the current battle pass, the new period of the mobile FPS will come into effect on March 13 (March 14 in Spain). The update can be internally downloaded from the game or externally from the app store.

Season 3: Vigilancia Retro

CoD: Mobile’s Season 3, dubbed “Vigilancia Retro,” will introduce the TEC-9 from Black Ops Cold War and the Operator Skill for multiplayer Chaos, making its debut in the franchise. Additionally, limited-time events with numerous free rewards will be available, including one fitting perfectly with Easter.

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Image via Call of Duty

General Updates


  • Map: Cheshire Park. Adapted terrain from Modern Warfare 2019.
  • Updated Perk: Vulture. Players will now activate health regeneration upon picking up ammunition from a fallen enemy.

Battle Pass

  • Weapon Skins: Dingo – Ornate Decor, HDR – Juniper Line Express, M13 – Chrome Cruiser, Razorback – Metropolitan, and TEC-9 – The Classic.
  • Operators: Ethan – Grizzled Detective, Seraph – Gold Deco, Sims – Mafioso, and Sliver – Deadly Elegance.
  • Ground Force Subscription: AK117 – Vintage Roadster, Garcia – Hatchetman, and Backpack 3 – MFCP V-4 Hardpack.
  • Battle Pass Archives: Season 8 of 2022: Train with No Destination. Operators: Adler – Dapper, Misty – Undercover Agent, Seraph – Double Agent, and Vanguard – Nocturnal Elite. Weapon Skins: M13 – Covert Canopy, M4 – Prince of Time, CBR4 – Aqua Leviathan, S36 – Winged Stinger, and ZRG 20mm – Jade.

Premium Content

Finally, in Season 3 of CoD: Mobile, there will be a variety of aesthetic and premium content additions. Dame will receive a legendary skin, while characters like Demir and Killgore will get new outfits. Additionally, the FFAR 1 – Bright Blade Mythical will make its return through the Bright Gold Draw.

Get Ready for the Action!

Prepare for an immersive experience as CoD: Mobile Season 3 brings back the detective-themed setting with exciting new content and updates.