What is the true “Classic” of LoL in Spain?

What is the true “Classic” of LoL in Spain?

15. June 2023 by miranda angeles

The growing popularity of League of Legends in Spain has led the community to introduce traditional sports words into the esports industry. “ Classic” is one of the most well-known football expressions. The media and fans, among others, use this phrase to describe the most anticipated match of the year, which will pit FC Barcelona against Real Madrid.

The controversy over which Spanish LoL teams will face each other in LoL esports arises when the Super League match between KOI and Team Heretics is baptized as “The Classic” of the tournament. Many of the community agree that the match between KOI and Team Heretics is “The Classic,” and there may be a justification. However, the other large part of the community thinks it is not. Today we talk about what should be the Spanish “The Classic” of LoL.

The battle for the real “Classic” started with Koi vs. Team Heretics

As we said earlier, there may be some justification for thinking this match deserves the title “The Classic.” The owners of both organizations are Ibai Llanos and The Grefg, two of the most prominent voices in the industry. We don’t think the word “Classic” is appropriate for this match, even though it may very well be the match that generates the most expectation among fans.

In the early days of Spanish football, the clash between Real Madrid and Athletic Club was the classic, as they were the two teams that had played each other most often. In LoL Superliga, if we go by that, “The Classic” is not the correct phrase, as KOI will join the Superliga in 2022, while Team Heretics will join a little earlier.

The longest rivalry in Spanish LoL: Movistar Riders vs. Giants

Although Movistar Riders vs. Giants appears as one of the possible candidates to revalidate this title, the Spanish public has noticed two other possibilities. In this division of ten teams, these two have been active in Spain the longest. The team that has won the competition the most times is the Giants. As if that were not enough, they have also been in the LEC several times.

If we discuss seniority or “transfer” to other championships combined, Team Herejes vs. Giants could be called the Classic of Spanish esports. Beyond the League of Legends clashes, we must consider another game like Call of Duty. With conflicts and names like MethodZ, TojoR, and company, these organizations and PaiN Gaming were titans of the industry in Spain.

The LEC Classic

While there is disagreement over which game would form the Classic in Spain, it seems that there would be more clarity on European soil. The two most successful teams, Fnatic and G2 Esports would play the match with the most titles won and the most fans.

Although we are talking about a derby, G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions is a crucial match in the LEC. Heretics or KOI are likely to join the two longest-serving teams of Spanish origin in the LEC.