What is the meaning of Call of Duty ADS?

What is the meaning of Call of Duty ADS?

28. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty was first released by Activision in 2003. Since that date, the game’s developers have been implementing improvements in every aspect, the mechanics, the weapons, the graphics, and even the game’s look. Undoubtedly Call of Duty, since its launch, has revolutionized the gaming industry.

CoD developers have been known for introducing new concepts to the game that make fans continue to love the game despite the years. For example, the ADS targeting scope was one of the most influential concepts adopted by the franchise.

Since then, the ADS sight has become a common element in most games of this genre. Before ADS sights were implemented, players fired their weapons using standard reticles without depth.

What is the meaning of Call of Duty ADS?

Since CoD developers implemented ADS sights, the franchise significantly raised the skill level of first-person shooters; those players who only implemented the iron sights suffered from poorer aiming.

Even though players using the game’s standard iron sights could shoot down their enemies, using the new ADS sight technology greatly increased the accuracy of the shots.

Now, in CoD, the ADS sight technology allows players to bring the weapon closer to one of their eyes, thus improving the field of view and improving the accuracy of each of their shots.

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How to use the ADS sight

Those players who still do not know how to use the ADS sight should press the right mouse click or the L2/LT button on the consoles. In this way, they can raise the weapon and simultaneously stop shooting from the hip, as this is the default shooting method configured in the weapons.

On the other hand, those players who have the sight attached to their weapons can see the sight and aim through it. Generally, the ADS sight is used, especially with sniper weapons; remember that shooting from the hip is not as accurate.

Improvements to the ADS sight

CoD developers over the years have significantly improved the ADS scope in both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Thanks to the improvements made to the ADS feature, players can choose the field of view (FOV) that best suits their tastes.

Regardless of the ADS field of view setting chosen by the player, this will undoubtedly help each player see their opponents better.

To achieve the perfect ADS sight configuration, it is recommended that players test until they get the field of view that best suits their tastes.