What does a Remake mean in League of Legends and VALORANT?

What does a Remake mean in League of Legends and VALORANT?

22. June 2023 by miranda angeles

In Riot Games games, as in all other multiplayer games, there is a possibility that some games have a bad start. We are not talking about premature death or even toxicity. We are talking about games that start with fewer players than there should be and that, until recently, forced us to play in numerical imbalance.

Today we talk about the Remake; we tell you what it is, what it is for, and how you can use it in case you need it.

What is a remake?

As we have mentioned, there are some games in which one of our teammates does not manage to connect in time to play the game. In some cases, it can be that during the loading time, the connection goes down or some punctual failure in the connection makes them lose the opportunity to connect in time.

Well, the developers of Riot Games games, since 2020, set out to provide a solution to the players about this problem. Although they cannot influence the players’ internet connection, they brought the Remake.

The Remake is an option to vote on whether to quit the game or continue playing. In the case of League of Legends, this vote can be cast until minute three; in VALORANT, it is until the first round starts. If everyone wants to leave the game, if we don’t have confirmation that the person is returning, the game will end without consequences in our MMR and experience. In addition, they will not appear in the players’ history.

On the other hand, there are more options for the person in question to be warned or punished directly. Not only will he have a time penalty, but he will be punished in the MMR.

How should this voting start?

The voting process in both VALORANT and League of Legends is the same. Players only have to type in the in-game chat “/remake” if a team player fails to connect in the game’s early stages. Now, players must choose whether to stay or leave after that vote; it is the same as in the case of surrender.

Remake Valorant

In VALORANT, players can start this vote before the second round starts, even though this is impossible in League of Legends.

In case a person becomes AFK after the first five rounds, the game will continue unless they surrender, so going out or getting defeated, this game counts as a defeat in the same way.

At the moment, there are no ideas from Riot Games on how to end this beyond reporting the account. However, this is currently one of the few methods available, not to stop toxic behavior but to keep our patience before starting a game.