The Remarkable Resemblance Between Weibo’s 2023 Finals Run and DRX’s 2022 Victory

The Remarkable Resemblance Between Weibo’s 2023 Finals Run and DRX’s 2022 Victory

13. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Weibo Gaming, the fourth seed from China’s LPL, has stunned the world by reaching the grand finals of Worlds 2023, defying all odds and expectations. Analysts have drawn compelling parallels to DRX, the Korean team that clinched the World Championship in 2022 against equally unforeseeable odds.

The Parallels with DRX’s Cinderella Story

Weibo Mirrors DRX’s Path

Pre-Worlds 2023 predictions left Weibo Gaming out of the final contention, especially in a field dominated by heavyweights like Gen.G, LNG Esports, Bilibili Gaming, and G2 Esports. Yet, Weibo has mirrored DRX’s 2022 journey, from Play-In stages to defeating top-tier teams, including a semifinal victory over BLG.

Analyst Insights: SHakarez and Ashley Kang

LoL analysts and experts, including SHakarez and Ashley Kang, have highlighted startling similarities between the two teams. Both teams placed fourth in the spring, lost to the fifth in playoffs, ended up sixth in summer, and lost playoffs against the third seed, eventually securing their Worlds spots through regional qualifiers.

Star Players: Deft and Xiaohu

The stars of both teams, Deft in 2022 and Xiaohu in 2023, share similar limelight and impact, drawing a fascinating comparison between their performances and contributions to their respective teams’ success.

A Potential Echo in History

Should Weibo Gaming reach the final and win against T1, it would replicate DRX’s historic victory over Faker’s squad, further solidifying the eerie resemblances between their championship journeys.

The Unpredictable Nature of Esports

Weibo Gaming’s run to the Worlds 2023 finals is not just a repeat of history; it’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of competitive League of Legends esports. Whether they capture the title or not, their story is one for the ages, echoing DRX’s incredible 2022 campaign.