Warzone World Series 2024: Schedule, Details, and Everything You Need to Know

Warzone World Series 2024: Schedule, Details, and Everything You Need to Know

20. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Activision has released comprehensive details for the World Series of Warzone 2024 (WSOW) season. This year’s competition includes significant changes based on community and competitor feedback.

Key Changes for 2024 WSOW

New Features and Format Adjustments:

  • Global Final format with a new Match Point system
  • Top-heavy prize pool
  • Increased number of qualification matches
  • Battle Royale competitive settings

The competition kicks off soon, with the first qualifiers beginning on May 24.


Match Point System in WSOW 2024

One of the most notable additions to the 2024 WSOW is the Match Point format. Borrowed from the Apex Legends Global Series, this system aims to enhance excitement during the final stages of the Battle Royale.

Key Aspects of the Match Point System:

  • Ensures the winner is determined by a dramatic moment rather than cumulative points.
  • Increases viewer engagement and excitement.
  • Reduces the likelihood of anti-climactic victories decided by mathematical calculations.

While this format may sometimes result in teams with higher overall points not winning the grand prize, it undeniably heightens the viewing experience.

Event Schedule and Registration

The 2024 World Series of Warzone starts on May 24 with the In-Game Open Online Qualifier for the NA and EMEA regions. This phase lasts for three days and is open to all participants.

How to Register

To compete, squads must register on Faceit. The registration process is straightforward, allowing players to enter the competition seamlessly.

Register your squad on Faceit here.

WSOW 2024 Format Overview

The 2024 season brings a host of format changes aimed at enhancing competitive integrity and excitement.

Detailed Format Breakdown

  1. Group Stage:
    • Teams are divided into 4 groups per region based on in-game open performance.
    • Group play lasts two weeks, with each group playing against other groups in a 5-drop matchup.
    • Performance is assessed based on total points from 15 group play drops.
  2. Advancement to Brackets:
    • Top 34 teams from group play advance to the Upper Bracket.
    • Bottom 34 teams enter Round 1 of the Lower Bracket.
  3. Upper and Lower Bracket Mechanics:
    • In the Upper Bracket, the top 17 teams advance to the Qualifier Finals.
    • Teams not advancing from the Upper Bracket drop to Round 2 of the Lower Bracket.
    • Top 17 teams from Round 1 of the Lower Bracket play against teams dropping from the Upper Bracket in Round 2.
    • 17 teams finishing last in Round 1 of the Lower Bracket are eliminated.
  4. Final Stages:
    • In Round 2 of the Lower Bracket, 17 teams advance to the Qualifier Finals.
    • 10 teams not advancing from Round 2 go to the Last Chance Qualifier (bottom 7 teams are eliminated).
    • In the Qualifier Finals, the top 10 teams advance to the Global Final.
    • Bottom 24 teams from the Qualifier Finals move to the Last Chance Qualifier.
    • In the LCQ, teams from NA and EMEA play 5 maps of traditional scoring, with the top 3 teams advancing.

For further details on scoring and regional eligibility, refer to the official blog post.

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Exciting Changes for Viewers and Competitors

The World Series of Warzone 2024 promises an exhilarating competitive environment with its new formats and structures. The inclusion of the Match Point system is expected to bring more drama and excitement, ensuring that every game is filled with high stakes.


The upcoming WSOW 2024 is set to redefine competitive Warzone, providing both players and fans with an unforgettable experience. Be sure to register your squad on Faceit and prepare for intense competition starting May 24. For ongoing updates and detailed information, follow the official Call of Duty esports page.

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