Warzone’s Latest Patch: Balancing the Meta with MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm Nerfs

Warzone’s Latest Patch: Balancing the Meta with MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm Nerfs

22. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Warzone, the highly popular battle royale game, recently underwent a significant balance update. The latest patch primarily targets two dominant weapons: the MTZ Interceptor and the WSP Swarm. This adjustment is a move towards diversifying the weapon meta and enhancing overall gameplay experience.

The Fall of MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm

Previously, Warzone’s weapon landscape was dominated by three names: MTZ Interceptor, Pulemyot 762, and WSP Swarm. However, the recent update has significantly nerfed the MTZ Interceptor and WSP Swarm, paving the way for other weapons to shine in the Call of Duty arsenal.

Details of the Nerfs

MTZ Interceptor (MWIII)

COD Warzone MTZInterceptor

  • Damage Reduction:
    • Close-Medium: From 82 to 72
    • Maximum: From 85 to 74
    • Medium: From 80 to 70
    • Minimum: From 78 to 66
  • Multiplier Changes:
    • Neck: From 1.5 to 1



  • Damage Reduction:
    • Near-Medium: From 24 to 20
    • Far-Medium: From 20 to 17
    • Medium: From 22 to 18
    • Minimum: From 18 to 16

Historical Context

Both weapons had undergone previous modifications. The MTZ Interceptor experienced a decrease in head and neck damage multipliers on January 17. The WSP Swarm, on the other hand, saw adjustments in aim-down-sight time and sprint-to-fire delay, followed by an increase in maximum and medium-range damage.

The New Contenders in Warzone’s Meta

With the MTZ Interceptor effectively removed from the meta and the WSP Swarm’s dominance challenged, two new weapons are emerging as strong competitors:

  • HMR-9: Known for promoting offensive strategies with its high rate of fire.
  • Striker 9: Gained a significant boost in maximum damage in Season 1 Reloaded.

A More Balanced Warzone

These changes reflect Warzone’s continuous effort to maintain a balanced and dynamic gameplay environment. Players can now explore new strategies and weapon choices, ensuring a more varied and engaging battle royale experience.