Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes: Specialist Abilities, Gulag Changes, New Weapons, and More

Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes: Specialist Abilities, Gulag Changes, New Weapons, and More

29. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Warzone is getting a refreshed set of content in Season Four of Modern Warfare 3, including new weapons and other fun additions.

The return of the Kar98k marksman rifle will be a welcome addition for many players who miss the gun’s heyday from the original Warzone, but that’s just scratching the surface of everything coming to the game as part of the seasonal patch.

Buckle up and get ready for all of Season Four’s new additions and changes in Warzone.

Warzone Season Four Patch Notes

Let’s dive into everything changing in Warzone Season Four.

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Weapon Balancing and Bug Fixes

A new season in CoD means buffs and nerfs to many weapons. This season’s changes include several buffs to ARs like the BAL-27, Holger 556, MCW, and Kastov 762, and nerfs for the BP50 and SVA 545.

The FJX Horus received significant buffs on the SMG side, while the DG-58 LSW had its headshot modifier and bullet velocity both nerfed.

BR Player Count Increase

The BR player count has been increased from 100 to 120.

Player feedback continues to indicate a desire for more action,” Raven Software said. “So with that in mind, we have made the necessary changes to accommodate a higher player count without disrupting the delicate balance we have worked hard to achieve.

This time around, these adjustments have been primarily focused around redeploy mechanics and our match economy.”

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Kar98k Returns

The marksman rifle is described as “powerful and accurate,” boasting “high damage output with a slow rate of fire,” according to Activision. But that’s just one of four guns coming in the season, along with the Superi 46 SMG, Reclaimer 18 shotgun, and Sledgehammer melee weapon.

Gulag Changes

The Gulag will now randomly spawn you in one of four different variants, as opposed to just one at a time, so be prepared for some variety when trying to get back into the action.

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Urzikstan Bunkers Update

The bunkers on Urzikstan are getting an overhaul. Once you find a keycard, you can access an expanded interior, along with new secondary exit hatches that will grant your team multiple methods of escape.

Specialist Perk

The Specialist perk makes its way from Rebirth Island into Urzikstan in Season Four, allowing players to grab it as rare ground loot and equip all of the perks in the game.

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New and Returning Modes

Buy Back Royale Solos returns in Season Four, along with new modes such as one that seems to be teasing Black Ops 6 in some regard due to its [REDACTED] nature.

New Vehicle

A new vehicle for Urzikstan in Season Four is called the Polaris RZR Pro R, which is a real-world side-by-side UTV. It has tighter turning and handling, three seats, and improved fuel economy.

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Loot Hot Zones

Loot Hot Zones will be displayed on the map as you get ready to drop in. These zones will contain higher tier loot than normal and will likely be filled with players who are fighting for it.

Runaway Train Public Event

Coming in midseason, the Runaway Train public event is similar to the Slay Ride Resurgence mode from Season One and will spawn in at the sixth gas circle. The safe zone will remain over the train until the end of each match.

If you’re looking forward to MW3 Season Four, you can also check out the multiplayer patch notes for the update.

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Season Four of Warzone is packed with exciting new content and significant changes. From the return of beloved weapons like the Kar98k to new gameplay mechanics and modes, there’s plenty for players to look forward to. Stay updated and make the most of the new season by diving into the action and exploring all the fresh additions.

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