Warzone Experts Highlight Two MW3 Weapons Set to Dominate Urzikstan

Warzone Experts Highlight Two MW3 Weapons Set to Dominate Urzikstan

15. November 2023 by Never

As the Warzone universe prepares to merge with Modern Warfare 3 this December, bringing the new Urzikstan map and 33 additional weapons, the battle royale landscape is set for a significant shift. With a total of 114 weapons to choose from, experts are already forecasting which ones will rise to the top.

The Rise of New Contenders

The integration of MW3 into Warzone will undoubtedly see the newer weapons quickly ascending in the meta. Players are keen to identify the most effective options, and some Warzone experts have already shared their insights.

Top Weapons for Warzone’s Urzikstan Update

Bas-B Rifle: A Potential Game-Changer

Highlighted by both SallyIsADog and Warzone Loadout, the Bas-B battle rifle is tipped as a top choice for the upcoming update. “The Bas-B is absolutely insane and will dominate Warzone, in my opinion,” says Warzone Loadout.

MTZ-556: The Support Sniper

SallyIsADog also notes the potential of the MTZ-556, likening it to fan-favorites ISO Hemlock and M13B. However, its best use might be as a support sniper, similar to how M13B served in that role.

Other Notable Mentions

Warzone Loadout has also spotlighted the Holger 556, Rival-9, Holger 26, MCW, and Striker, which are gaining traction in MW3’s multiplayer mode. These could be dark horses in the new Warzone meta.

Expectations Post-Integration

The impending MW3-Warzone integration might bring initial balance changes, though significant upheavals aren’t anticipated right away. Players should be ready for some adjustments as the new weapons find their place in the Warzone arsenal.

“Warzone’s New Era: Key MW3 Weapons to Master in Urzikstan”

As Warzone gears up for its exciting new chapter with Urzikstan, players should keep an eye on these expert predictions. The Bas-B and MTZ-556, among others, are set to be key players in this new era. Stay prepared and adapt your strategies to stay ahead in the game.