Warzone 2 player wins the game after being locked in the Gulag

Warzone 2 player wins the game after being locked in the Gulag

22. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently a Warzone 2 player won a game after being locked in the Gulag for 15 minutes. This victory is due to an error in the game servers.

Many Warzone 2 users have been extremely frustrated by several problems and glitches that the game’s servers have been experiencing. However, due to one of these problems, a player has unusually won a game.

A different kind of victory in Warzone 2

Just a few hours ago, a Warzone 2 player showed his experience on Reddit of how he got a victory while he was locked in the Gulag without any other player. Reddit user ColtsNetsSharks probably experienced the most remarkable and curious Warzone 2 victory so far, either for better or for worse.

In the video shown by the player, he can be seen running aimlessly through the Gulag alone. According to ColtsNetsSharks, he was locked for 15 minutes in the Gulag before the game awarded him the game victory.

He claims that since he arrived in the Gulag, he found no opponents and was trapped there until the game ended, and he took the victory without understanding the reason. It may have been a problem in the system or a connection failure, but independently he became the lucky winner and recorded it on video.

I, uhhhh, just won a game after being in the gulag for 15 mins
byu/ColtsNetsSharks inCODWarzone

After the user posted his video on Reddit, Reddit users commented that it had happened before; however, it is a rare error.

Reddit users talk about the unusual victory

According to Reddit users, this problem frequently occurs and dates back to the original Warzone game.

In the video, the player asks how you would respond if you were in the same situation, locked in the Gulag. Do you accept the victory or leave the game?

The answers were not long in coming, with some commenting that a victory is a victory, no matter how you achieve it.

byu/ColtsNetsSharks from discussion

The bug experienced by this user is unfortunate but funny at the same time. However, it is one of the problems in the long list of bugs that CoD has been suffering recently.

After experiencing server and connection-related issues, Activision finally acknowledges the problems and states they are working to resolve them.

This response from Activision comes after the launch of the new season, which has not been as well received as expected by the game developers. Many users complain that the new season lacks content, but it is not all; if not also, has many errors, especially in registering victories and defeats.

For the moment, we have to wait to see how the developers do to solve the list of problems they are experiencing.