Warcraft Rumble Season 6: Everything You Need to Know

Warcraft Rumble Season 6: Everything You Need to Know

19. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Blizzard has unveiled a preview of Warcraft Rumble Season 6, featuring exciting new content such as the Stormwind Siege event, the introduction of the Molten Core Raid, a new spell, new emotes, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season, including the release date and key features.

Warcraft Rumble Season 6 Release Date

Warcraft Rumble Season 6 is set to launch on May 29 at 11 a.m. PDT. The new season kicks off with the Stormwind Siege event, a cooperative, three-mission adventure that sets the stage for the season’s challenges.

Warcraft Rumble

Key Features and Updates

Stormwind Siege

Starting the season strong, the Stormwind Siege is a co-op event where players embark on a three-mission adventure. This event serves as an exciting introduction to the new season’s cooperative gameplay.

Molten Core Raid

On June 5, Warcraft Rumble will introduce Molten Core as its first-ever raid. This co-op challenge tasks players with teaming up with a friend to take on Ragnaros and his fiery minions. Successfully completing the raid offers the ultimate prize: Ragnaros himself as a reward.

New Spell: Earth and Moon

Season 6 introduces a new hybrid spell called Earth and Moon. This spell allows players to alternate between Entangling Roots and Starfall, providing versatile options in battle. It synergizes particularly well with Cenarion units, adding strategic depth to gameplay.

New Emotes

Players can unlock two new emotes this season: Orc Grunt and Banana Mini Gun. These emotes can be obtained through the Guild War Chest or by earning 12,000 Honor in player-versus-player (PvP) mode.

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Future Content: Season 7 Teasers

Looking ahead, Warcraft Rumble Season 7, which begins on July 10, will introduce additional Cenarion units, including two new leader units and three new troops. Players will also be able to explore the serene zone of Moonglade to unlock new rewards.

Carin Huurnink, Warcraft Rumble senior animator, teased these upcoming additions, highlighting the expansion of Cenarion armies and the new in-game content that will be available.

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Warcraft Rumble Season 6 promises a host of exciting new features and challenges, from the co-op Stormwind Siege event to the intense Molten Core Raid.

With new spells, emotes, and future content teasers, players have plenty to look forward to. Get ready to dive into the new season starting on May 29 and make the most of the adventures and rewards that await.