Rainbow Six: W7M Esports Claims Victory for Brazil at the Six Invitational

Rainbow Six: W7M Esports Claims Victory for Brazil at the Six Invitational

26. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a thrilling finale, W7M Esports has achieved the success that eluded them in 2023 against G2 Esports. The Brazilian team has been crowned the world champion of Rainbow Six: Siege this Sunday, clinching the 2024 Six Invitational title.

W7M triumphed over FaZe Clan in the grand final, securing a narrow 2-3 victory that was decided on Nighthaven Labs. Regardless of the outcome, this World Championship marks a significant victory for Brazil and its esports scene, as both teams were local contenders and battled it out in São Paulo.

W7M Esports’ Journey

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W7M Esports’ journey at the 2024 Six Invitational epitomized resilience. The Brazilian squad suffered an initial setback in the tournament’s first round, losing 2-1 to Wolves Esports, the esports division of Wolverhampton, an English football club competing in the Premier League.

Right from the start, W7M found themselves against the ropes and had to climb their way up from the lower bracket to claim the coveted trophy.


Taking note of the lessons learned from 2023, W7M Esports applied all their knowledge. In the previous edition of the Six Invitational, the Brazilian team fell to G2 Esports in the grand final. Last year, G2 Esports executed the same comeback from the lower bracket to win the tournament, a feat mirrored by W7M in 2024.

The Brazilian squad had the opportunity to seek revenge against G2 in the lower bracket semifinals, but their ticket to the final came after defeating Virtus.pro.

Thrilling Final Showdown

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In the grand final, both W7M Esports and FaZe Clan epitomized the excitement of Rainbow Six: Siege. The Six Invitational final was a constant back-and-forth exchange. FaZe took the lead 1-0 on Oregon, and W7M had to equalize on Bank, repeating the scenario after Skyscraper and Border.

The American organization lost the same maps in the final as in the rest of the tournament, but the reigning world champion of Rainbow Six knew when to strike to remove any lingering doubts.

HerdsZ: The Hero of the Six Invitational

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W7M Esports’ journey throughout this Six Invitational is incomplete without recognizing the determination of the team’s in-game leader, Gustavo “HerdsZ” Herdina. HerdsZ embodied his role and was instrumental in the Brazilian team’s victories.

The IGL has earned the most MVP awards in this World Championship with a total of 10, surpassing the seven of Benjamin “Benjamaster” Dereli, a player from G2 Esports.

Final Thoughts

Despite facing initial setbacks, W7M Esports showcased resilience and determination to emerge victorious at the Six Invitational. Led by HerdsZ, they overcame challenges and secured their place in Rainbow Six history as champions of the 2024 tournament.