Vintage Vigilance: COD Mobile Season 3 Confirms New Map & Tech 9 SMG

Vintage Vigilance: COD Mobile Season 3 Confirms New Map & Tech 9 SMG

8. March 2024 by Never

As the anticipation for Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile builds within the community, intriguing teasers have emerged, offering glimpses into the upcoming content. The official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account recently unveiled a teaser named “Vintage Vigilance,” hinting at exciting additions to come. Let’s delve into what’s in store for COD: Mobile Season 3 Vintage Vigilance:

What’s New in COD: Mobile Season 3 Vintage Vigilance?

Tech 9 SMG Confirmation

The teaser unveils a weapon lying on the ground, identified as the Tech 9 functional weapon. This confirmation heralds the addition of the Tech 9 SMG from Black Ops Cold War in Season 3, introducing a new dimension to the arsenal of weapons available to players.

New Multiplayer Map: Cheshire Park

A meticulous examination of the teaser background reveals a statue associated with the Cheshire Park multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Set in a picturesque London town, this map features a garden square with iconic landmarks such as a cafe, conservatory, and pub. The visual cues suggest an immersive gameplay experience in this Siege-themed environment.

Community Excitement and Concerns

As the Season 3 release date draws near, the community is buzzing with excitement over the introduction of a new SMG and the nostalgic multiplayer map. However, there are concerns regarding the introduction of thermite rounds on the Man-o-War assault rifle. Many fear that this addition may disrupt the meta and potentially lead to its exclusion from competitive matches.

new SMG – Tec-9! this semi-auto weapon offers improved accuracy with minimal recoil and a high damage output at the midrange
byu/MantaRayCODM inCallOfDutyMobile

A Sneak Peek into Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3

While these teasers offer a tantalizing preview of what’s to come, players eagerly await further details about Season 3. As the countdown continues, stay tuned for additional announcements, patch notes, and deeper insights into the exciting features awaiting players in the next chapter of Call of Duty: Mobile.