Vinícius Jr. Enters Esports: A New Chapter with Brazilian Team Loud

Vinícius Jr. Enters Esports: A New Chapter with Brazilian Team Loud

15. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Vinícius Jr., the renowned Brazilian footballer, has made a significant move into the world of esports by investing in Loud, a leading Brazilian esports organization. This marks another instance of a sports star diversifying into the esports domain.

The Fusion of Football and Esports Passion

Brazil’s fervor for sports, especially football, is well-known. This passion extends into the realm of esports, where fans show equal enthusiasm. Vinícius Jr.’s investment in Loud not only highlights this passion but also bridges the gap between traditional sports and electronic sports.

Loud: A Trailblazer in Brazilian Esports

Founded in 2019, Loud quickly rose to prominence, becoming the most followed esports team on social media in Brazil. Their success continued in 2022, bagging the title of the best esports team at both the Esports Awards and The Game Awards.

Loud’s journey began with content creation, featuring popular Brazilian influencers. They expanded into competitive gaming with Free Fire, and by 2021, they joined the Brazilian leagues of League of Legends and Valorant.

Vinícius Jr.’s Role and Vision with Loud

Vinícius Jr.’s involvement with Loud was announced on social media by both the player and the team. “I’ve arrived at Loud. Contract signed, personalized jersey, and pendant shining,” Vinícius Jr. posted. He’s not just an ambassador; he will also be part of the board of directors. His goal is to represent the fans and work hard to elevate the team to new heights.

His message concluded with a vision to continue promoting Brazilian culture and passion on the global gaming stage. Loud reciprocated this enthusiasm with a futuristic-themed video commemorating Vinícius Jr.’s signing.

A Milestone for Brazilian Esports

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the history of Brazilian esports. With Vinícius Jr.’s global star power and Loud’s established presence in the esports world, this partnership is set to create new opportunities and further elevate Brazil’s status in the global esports community.

Real Madrid’s Star Player Invests in Brazil’s Esports Scene

Vinícius Jr.’s entry into esports with Loud symbolizes the ever-growing connection between traditional sports and esports. As he embarks on this new venture, the possibilities for innovation and growth in Brazilian esports are immense.