Video: Tian’s Pentakill with Rell in LPL Goes Viral

Video: Tian’s Pentakill with Rell in LPL Goes Viral

27. February 2024 by Never

In a recent match in the LPL, Tian surprised everyone by achieving a Pentakill with Rell in the duel against FPX. The League of Legends competition in China witnessed a remarkable moment that went viral.

This Monday, Top Esports’ jungler, Tian, made waves globally with his Pentakill with Rell in the match against FunPlus Phoenix. Here at CodigoEsports, we bring you the video to relive this rare play.

The Significance of a Pentakill

In the history of League of Legends, various types of plays have the power to captivate audiences. Whether it’s stealing a Nashor or a Dragon, securing a kill in a 1v1, or achieving first blood, each one has fans on the edge of their seats. However, if we talk about the most glorious play in the MOBA and undoubtedly the most challenging to pull off, it’s the Pentakill.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than single-handedly eliminating the entire enemy team, especially with your favorite champion. Naturally, certain champions, like ADCs or assassins, have an easier time achieving this feat.

The Uncommon Pentakill

It’s rare to witness a Pentakill featuring tank champions, as was the case in the LPL. During Monday’s match between FunPlus and Top Esports.

The standout play occurred in the series’ first game. At the 29-minute mark, Tian, TES’s jungler, initiated a teamfight with Rell that culminated in his Pentakill. Gradually, the Chinese player decimated his opponents with the damage provided by the Iron Maiden, despite building tank items. Quickly, the play went viral, marking the first Pentakill with Rell in competitive play.

Worlds 2019 Champion Jungler Leaves His Mark Despite Team’s Setback: A Recap of LPL Action

In conclusion, the champion jungler from Worlds 2019 once again leaves his mark on LoL history with a highly complex play. Despite this achievement, his team ultimately fell 2-1 to FunPlus Phoenix, though they still maintain a strong position with a 5-2 record. If you want to keep up with LPL action, you can do so through LoL Esports.