VCT Masters Madrid: Gen.G and Sentinels Secure Semifinal Spots

VCT Masters Madrid: Gen.G and Sentinels Secure Semifinal Spots

22. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In an electrifying display of skill and strategy, Sentinels and Gen.G triumphed in their respective matches to advance to the semifinals of the VCT Masters Madrid. As the competition intensifies, these teams are on the brink of securing a coveted spot in the finals.

Road to Semifinals

The journey to the semifinals was filled with intense matchups and breathtaking moments. Sentinels faced off against LOUD, while Gen.G clashed with Paper Rex in a battle of titans.


  1. Sentinels vs. LOUD: The North American powerhouse Sentinels dominated the series with a convincing victory over LOUD. Despite a valiant effort from the Brazilian team, Sentinels secured a 2-1 victory, showcasing their prowess on the battlefield.
  2. Gen.G vs. Paper Rex: In a highly anticipated showdown, Gen.G emerged victorious against Paper Rex. The Korean powerhouse displayed exceptional teamwork and strategic prowess, securing a decisive 2-0 victory and solidifying their spot in the semifinals.

Semifinal Showdown

With their eyes set on the ultimate prize, Sentinels and Gen.G will face off in the semifinals. This highly anticipated matchup promises to deliver thrilling gameplay and intense competition. Fans can expect a battle of epic proportions as these two teams vie for a spot in the finals.

Upcoming Matches

The action continues as Sentinels and Gen.G prepare to clash in the semifinals on Friday, with the winner earning the first ticket to the finals.

Meanwhile, the loser of the match will descend to the Lower Bracket, where they will face the victor of the LOUD vs. Paper Rex matchup. Don’t miss out on the excitement of the VCT Masters Madrid as these teams battle it out for glory.

Stay tuned for live coverage of all the matches on Valorant Esports, and witness the thrilling conclusion of the VCT Masters Madrid.