VCT America’s most popular team may not make the playoffs

VCT America’s most popular team may not make the playoffs

24. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Sentinels, the most popular team in VCT Americas, may not make the playoffs. The team has set the tone regarding viewership so far this year; it can be said that Sentinels has been the talk of the town; despite the difficult situation they are in at the moment.

The start of the season has not been easy; the team fired the coach and used a replacement for their main star.

However, out of the problems, Sentinels has the highest audience record in their games.

Sentinels, the team with the highest record of viewership

According to Esports Charts, the three most-watched matches are as follows:

Sentinels vs. LOUD

The Sentinels vs. LOUD match surpassed the 500k viewers barrier. This was the most recent Sentinels match where Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen debuted to replace Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. It is important to note that almost half of the spectators came from Portugal and Brazil. This match attracted a lot of attention from the Brazilians because Bryan “pANcada” Luna and Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi, for the first time, would face their former teammates.

The public has felt a great attraction to see this match where the replacement of one of the team’s best players makes his debut; on the other hand, the confrontation between former teammates and added to all that we include the difficult start of the season of the Sentinels.

Undoubtedly, no one wanted to miss this match. But on the other hand, the confrontation between Sentinels and LOUD was extremely entertaining, and the spectators stayed until the end.

However, things didn’t go well for the Sentinels, and they lost the match, leading the team to a negative 1-3 record in the middle of the league’s super week.

After that loss, the team can’t afford one more; if they want to get into the playoffs, they must beat all the teams they have to face, which are:

  • MIBR
  • Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses
  • KRÜ

If the team beats all their opponents, they would still need help from other teams to be among the six teams that advance to the next round.

Sentinels vs. 100 Thieves

The other match that has been the spectators’ main attraction was the league’s debut. Of course, we are discussing the inaugural match between the Sentinels and 100 Thieves. That match reached 400k spectators, which has set the bar high for the other matches to surpass it.

Sentinels vs. Leviathan

The third match that has stolen the show is Sentinels vs. Leviathan; this match occurred in the third week of the league. The showdown between these two teams reached the maximum peak viewership of 360k.

Screenshot 35

It is important to mention that Sentinels is not the only team attracting attention in the VCT Americas. Among the five most-watched games in the league are the three games we have already mentioned and the other two played by LOUD.

The Brazilian team is also attracting a lot of attention. LOUD and Cloud9 is the fourth most-watched match, while the fifth most-watched match was between LOUD and MIBR.

It can be said that the Sentinels and LOUD are the most popular teams in the VCT Americas.