Leviathan Ends KRÜ’s Undefeated Streak in VCT Américas 2024 Classic

Leviathan Ends KRÜ’s Undefeated Streak in VCT Américas 2024 Classic

6. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Leviathan has dealt a significant blow to KRÜ Esports, handing them their first loss of Stage 1 in VCT Américas 2024 with a 2-1 victory.

Exciting Showdown in Valorant

The professional Valorant scene in the region witnessed an exhilarating day for Latin American fans as the two regional powerhouses clashed. Leviathan put an end to KRÜ Visa Esports‘ undefeated streak in VCT Américas 2024 Stage 1, triumphing 2-1 in the Latin American classic.

Ascent Match Highlights

The series commenced on Ascent, where KRÜ initially secured rounds on their map pick. However, Leviathan dominated the first half on defense, leading 9-3 at the side swap. Continuing with aggressive play in the attack, Leviathan, led by Aspas on Jett, extended their lead, closing out the map with a commanding 13-4 victory.

Breeze Comeback Drama

Moving to Breeze, Leviathan started strong, but KRÜ managed to equalize after trailing initially. The tide turned as the first half concluded, with Leviathan gaining the upper hand. However, KRÜ rallied in the second half, showcasing solid defense to force overtime and eventually clinching a hard-fought 14-12 victory.

Lotus Showdown

The decisive showdown unfolded on Lotus, where KRÜ exhibited formidable defense, securing an early four-round lead. Leviathan quickly responded, equalizing the score by the half. Following a brief pause, Leviathan gained momentum, and despite KRÜ’s efforts to keep pace, they couldn’t contain the Argentine squad. Aspas led Leviathan to a 13-10 victory, sealing the series 2-1.

Final Thoughts

Leviathan’s victory over KRÜ Visa Esports marks a pivotal moment in VCT Américas 2024, showcasing the intense competition within the region. With both teams now set for the playoffs, fans can anticipate more thrilling matches and fierce rivalries in the upcoming stages.