VCT Americas 2024: Format Changes and New Schedule Revealed

VCT Americas 2024: Format Changes and New Schedule Revealed

13. March 2024 by Never

Riot has revamped the format for the VCT Americas 2024, which now has a start date and we present you the teams, along with the schedule.

The professional Valorant competitive scene gears up for the first international tournament of the season, as Riot provides insights into the league in our region. The developer has revamped the format for the VCT Americas 2024, and here are all the updates you need to know for this year’s competition.


Following Sentinels’ triumph in the VCT Americas Kickoff, alongside LOUD representing the region in the VCT Masters in Madrid, the other teams take a break from the season. However, the break is short-lived, as the new league season already has a start date for the regular tournament.

vct 1

Tournament Structure

For the 2024 season of the VCT Americas, the tournament will be divided into two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The 11 teams will compete in a round-robin phase with best-of-three series, in single round-robin matchups. Participants will be divided into two groups based on their performance in the Kickoff tournament.

Stage 1 Details

Stage 1 will last for five weeks in its regular phase, while Stage 2 will be only four weeks. Both stages will feature a super week, extending the schedule by one additional broadcast day. In the first phase, teams will face off against opponents outside their group, but in the second phase, they will only compete against squads from their own group.

Stage 2 Overview

Both tournaments will have their respective playoff phases with a mixed elimination format, determining the region’s representatives in the global tournaments. Stage 1 will feature the top three teams from each group advancing to the Mid-Season elimination round. Meanwhile, for Stage 2, it will be the top six teams from the regular phase.

Teams and Schedule

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting matches as the VCT Americas 2024 unfolds.