VCT 2024 Format Controversy: Fans React to Limited Valorant Matches

VCT 2024 Format Controversy: Fans React to Limited Valorant Matches

19. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games’ recent reveal of the 2024 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) format has stirred a debate within the gaming community. The heart of the controversy lies in the reduced number of matches, causing an uproar among fans on social media.

Revealing the New VCT Format

  • Announcement Date: Wednesday
  • Revealed by: Riot Games
  • Key Details: Classification systems for international tournaments, start dates for International Leagues, two-stage regional competitions.


The Two-Stage System

  • Stage 1: Post-Masters Madrid
  • Stage 2: Following Masters Shanghai
  • Number of Matches: Specified as 10, causing confusion among fans.

Community’s Response to Leo Faria’s Clarification

  • Leo Faria: Global Head of Valorant Esports
  • Clarification: Teams will be divided into two groups, playing within their group in Stage 1 and against the opposite group in Stage 2, completing one full round during the season.
  • Community Reaction: Discontent with only 12 matches per team throughout the year, including the Inaugural Tournament and Stages.

Future Plans and Fan Discontent

  • Faria’s Response to Fan Demands: Plans to expand the calendar next year, with a shorter preseason.
  • Fan Reaction: Seeking an immediate solution, not satisfied with the proposed future changes.

Analysis: Implications and Challenges

The VCT 2024’s format presents a unique set of challenges. With fans clamoring for more action, the balance between maintaining a compact schedule and satisfying the community’s desire for more matches is delicate.

Valorant Champions Tour 2024: A Format Under Scrutiny

The controversy around the VCT 2024 format highlights the community’s passion for Valorant and its competitive scene. As Riot Games navigates fan feedback and the evolving landscape of esports, the future of the VCT format remains a hot topic for discussion and potential adjustment.