The Unique Twist in VCS’s League of Legends: Deciding Game Side with 1v1 Battles

The Unique Twist in VCS’s League of Legends: Deciding Game Side with 1v1 Battles

17. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a move that blends strategy and spectacle, Vietnam’s VCS (Vietnam Championship Series) introduces a novel method to decide which team gets to choose the side for the decisive fifth map in their League of Legends series.

This approach is a significant departure from the traditional methods, such as the loser of the fourth map choosing the side or the coin toss used in World Championship finals.

Evolving Esports: League of Legends at the Forefront

The world of eSports is constantly evolving, with games like League of Legends continually adapting and innovating. These changes are not just about the game mechanics but also about enhancing the viewing experience and adding new layers to the competitive narrative.



LCS’s Draft Time Optimization

Before diving into VCS’s unique approach, it’s worth noting the recent change in the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series). LCS has streamlined draft times by broadcasting the pick and ban phase while players set up their equipment, a move welcomed by fans.

VCS’s 1v1 Showdown for Side Selection

The VCS, for the first time in its history, will implement a 1v1 face-off to determine the side selection for the last map in a best-of-three or best-of-five series. This innovation, if the teams are tied, will see players dueling in a 1v1 battle, with the victor gaining the strategic advantage of choosing the side.

Community and Professional Reaction

This initiative has been met with enthusiasm from both the community and professional players. Jankos, the jungler for Team Heretics, has even expressed interest in seeing this format adopted in the LEC.


Adding Excitement to Competitions

The introduction of this 1v1 decision-maker adds a new level of excitement and strategic depth to the competition. It’s not just about team performance anymore but also about individual skill in high-pressure situations.

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VCS Innovates LoL esports with 1v1 Side Selection

The VCS’s innovative approach in deciding the game side through 1v1 battles in League of Legends is a testament to the evolving nature of eSports. This fresh format not only enhances the competitive integrity but also significantly boosts the entertainment value, potentially influencing future eSports tournament structures.